Saturday, September 13, 2014

Lots Of Boxes

A week or so ago, this happened.  And JoJo was so excited to move it all inside!

I got a huge shipment of my new fabrics.  It's like opening a big surprise, even though I know what is in there!

When I unpacked, I could see all the fabrics from two new coordinating collections, PARK DRIVE, and JAMS AND JELLIES.

I have already shown you a few projects that I made with some of the sample yardage I had, (see a couple of posts ago) but now I can really get to work!  New fabric is inspiring.  One of my favorite pieced in this line is this fun little toile.  It comes in the blue, red and this black on white.

It makes a great background for some brighter piecing or appliqué.  And you may recognize some of those drawings from my back yard.  (Fortunately, I didn't include the weeds that are now trying to 
stage a coup.)

Here's a little peek of a new project that I will be releasing in October.

I have several more that I am working on, in my head, that is.  I'm excited to get them going.
Have a fun day, and be sure to ask your local quilt shop to order the 
PARK DRIVE and JAMS AND JELLIES collections from Henry Glass!


scottylover said...

How pretty! Love the paisley on the top. Can't wait to see what you make!

Sandy A

Farm Quilter said...

So beautiful!!! Need a bib here!

Rosa said...

Gorgeous.The red ones caught my eyes!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Oh my gosh~ that is quite a shipment!! At first I thought you were moving! LOL How fun to play with all those wonderful colors and prints. Need any help? :-)

Sandy D said...

Awesome fabric too bad the delivery truck didn't make a mistake and deliver them to my

Helen L said...

Hi Jilly, I saw on your post of June 28th that there are to be "Sweet Shops" that carry your products. Is there any way to get a list of those shops? Thanks!! H in Healdsburg

Helen L said...

Hi again: you don't need to reply to my previous comment: I just found the list! :-)

Debbie Bauer said...

Wow! Just imagine what I could sew up with those gorgeous fabrics!

Joanie Schwarzbeck said...

Thank you for bringing me back from the dreamy loving the gorgeous fall weather here in Chicago to the holy cow Christmas is around the corner!!!!! I needed that! With that beautiful fat quarter bundle I would make one of my 5 sisters a beautiful lap quit for Christmas!
From Chicago with love!

Jan said...

Oh my, I would love to have that delivered to my house.