Monday, June 30, 2014

On Display

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to jury a quilt show.  It was so awesome.  I was so inspired by all of you out there who continue to put needle and thread to cloth in creative and innovative ways.  I just wanted to acknowledge all of you quilters, of all skill levels who keep this fabulous art form alive and kickin'.

I was inspired by your use of color, techniques of all kinds, and composition skills.  Even if we can't all create these fabulous show-stopoping competition quilts, we can learn from them, and appreciate them, and be lifted by them.

So my advice for the day:  GO TO A QUILT SHOW!

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nlwilson46 said...

Just found your YouTube videos today & enjoyed very much! A coincidence made me chuckle! I just bought a Bernina 750q 2 weeks ago. I didn't buy the embroidery bcuz I have it on my Viking. You will love it but you do need to take classes.. I think the book is good but my older eyes want bigger pictures & print..I've wanted one for awhile. My husbands daughter has one & loves it so I'm fortunate to have someone to call with ?s. I've always wanted to do appliqué & love your method. I'm working on a quilt right now that needs some appliqué! Thank you for the inspiration! Excited to try your products!