Friday, May 3, 2013

Pre-Market Rush

Spring Quilt Market is just 2 weeks away now.  I have been using every minute of every day to get things ready.  Of course I never will be.  It's like housework, you never are really done.  There is always more to do.  Eventually, it just comes anyway, ready or not.

I have some great surprises to share with you at Market.  I have been asked to design and execute (now there's a word) the booth for Henry Glass Fabrics.  I am so excited about this.  It is getting close enough that I can share a bit about it.

We are doing a travel theme for the HG booth:
. . . .Your Fabric Destination!

Oh my, the things I have planned!  First of all the booth has a whole new look, and we will have demos going on, and prizes and games, and all kinds of fun stuff.  Free stuff, too.  

I know that most of you are not shop owners, so you will not be there, but I will still share all the fun with you, and we will have prizes here, too, so you can join in the fun.  Every day at Market I will post a few photos and we will give some stuff away.  

If you are a shop owner, please DO come visit the Henry Glass folks in booth # 931.  Just watch for the airplanes. . .

. . . more to come later about the Henry Glass Travel adventures!

In addition to doing the HG booth, my Jillily Studio booth is right across the way in booth #936!  It is going to be awesome, too!  We have some big plans.  I just hope I can get this all done.  

On top of this, I am still working on 3 more new projects and I have to write the patterns.  Which, as you know is my least favorite thing to do.  So of course, once again, I have put it off to the very last minute.  I wonder if I will ever learn?

I have been sewing on some appliqué today, in between running errands and computer work.  (There is always so much PRINTING that needs to be done before Market, and I tend to forget that.)  

I have had this quilt running around in my head ever since I first designed the Poppy Patio fabric line.  It's called California Dreamin' because of the sunny colors, and of course, the poppy--California's state flower.  I got the center and one corner basted on today, (Yay, Appli-Glue) with a little bit of stitching. (Yay, Aurifil thread!)  I need to finish this tomorrow.  (doubtful)  So it may just go to the quilter without the stitching done.  (sounds familiar.)

This one, however, is already quilted and just needs to be bound.  Now that is a record!  I don't think I have ever had a new project ready for Market a whole 2 WEEKS ahead!

 All of these new projects have used the strike-off fabrics--samples that I get before the fabric is printed.  It has been a challenge to work with such small pieces and still get a quilt done.  I have 6 new strike-off projects for Market this time.  I can't wait to show them to the shops.  I really hope they like them!

The Jillily booth plans are coming together.  If you are at Market, please come see me!


Gill said...

I'm in England so I won't be at Quilt Market!! I love your Poppy Patio - fabulous colours!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Beautiful quilts - have fun at Market.

Judy1522 said...

Quilt Market always sounds like so much fun and I would love to go since it is in my hometown this time. Unfortunately I don't have a quilting business but between all the blogs I read I do get to see pictures of many of the booths. They are always so amazing! I do understand though why it is not open to the public.

Leslie said...

As a CA girl, I love the California Dreamin' quilt. Will there be a pattern and kit?

Jill Finley said...

Yes there will be a pattern and kit, it will be available in August, when the fabric comes out.

I wish you could come to Market, since it is right there by you!

Anonymous said...

I do own a shop and love to hear what will be going on at market, but with a daughter in college going somewhere for spring break takes top billing over going to market. I predict both the projects shown will be winners and look forward to seeing lots of pictures of the finished booths. They'll both come together just don't forget to breathe.

Jan Marie said...

I am loving this fabric.

Sallie said...

Beautiful quilts, but I NEED that airplane pattern! Can you share info about it?

Jill Finley said...

No pattern needed for the airplane. I just bought foam gliders in 3 sizes and decopauged fabric over them. They don't fly any more. Too heavy, But we played with them a lot before we added the fabric!

onlymehere said...

I do love the orange in the quilt! It's my favorite color and I'm so happy to be able to find it in fabric stores now. Love the fabric airplane too!