Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Your Fabric Destination

Whew.  I am finally able to post something new!  Blogger must have forgotten who I am, because it wouldn't let me into my own blog!  But don't worry, Erin and Talia fixed it for me, so I am back!  (something about multiple accounts and merging them, etc)

 I have been excited to tell you all about Market.  We had a fun and busy time.  First of all, we drove to Portland.  13 hours of fun--pulling a trailer for the first time.  (My dear husband taught me how to hook it up and back up and park in a 15-minute session the night before we left!)  Talia and I drove and Andrea, my niece fly in from Arizona to meet us there.  I was so glad to have two young, energetic, and fun young ladies with me.

We set up the Henry Glass booth first.  I think I told you that I was in charge of the HG booth this time.  I thought we could improve our visibility and look as a company, so I volunteered to do the booth.  It came together great!  Everything worked out just like I planned, which is unusual.  We used a "travel" theme-- "HENRY GLASS -- YOUR FABRIC DESTINATION!"

Here's a view of the finished booth from the right side.

There were lots of little details that went with our theme--like the luggage tags on all the quilts, identifying the fabric line, and the fabric covered airplanes flying all over inside the booth.

We had a little "passport" contest going, with stickers at each designer's booth and at the demos.  Winners went home with suitcases full of fabric and designer gifts.  One of the best "details" was our stewardesses.  These girls just made the booth!  (Literally, since I put them to work setting up, too)  They looked so sharp in their costumes and brought a lot of visitors to the booth.

They handed out bags of pretzels and water bottles, and complimentary gold bags--a coveted item!  They took charge at the demos, handing out the freebies from designers and directing the travelers.

This 6' map of the World of Henry Glass was the centerpiece of the booth.  Every designer has a place in the Henry Glass world..   There's Jillily Studio up on that mountain!

A few more shots of the booth from various angles.  We had some bookcases on either side of the map with displays of fabric collections and projects.  The bench in front of the map was a nice place to sit and relax and have a picture taken.

The left corner of the booth was our demo area.  Every day at 10 and 2, three designers offered a demo with prizes and good info.  The customers travelers loved it, and we had crowds at each boarding.

 Notice those cute suitcases in front of the demo table.  They are covered with travel stickers from all our designers.

Some shop ownersfrom a shop near me, Quilts, Etc are visiting with Scott at Studio e, our sister company.  They are headed to the Henry Glass booth next.  It was good to see Pat and Dorothy.

Inside the booth, our salesmen are busy selling fabric--after all, that's why we're here!

Here's some of the team.  From the left:  Karen and Harriet, HG art designers, Larry, our President, me, and designer Linda Lum DeBono.  I know I took a picture of Robert (the owner of HG) with his pilots cap on, but I can't seem to find it.

 Me and the girls--a big shout out to Talia and Andrea for all their help!!!!

I'll tell you all about my booth tomorrow.  So check back, because I think I also promised you a prize of some kind just for following along.  


JaneB said...

Looks like lots of work, but tons of fun, too. Great theme.

Renea said...

Really enjoyed the pictures. I would love to go to market sometime.

Brenda said...

Love seeing the pictures.

KMSC said...

Wow, you put in a lot of thought, time and energy to decorate the Henry Glass booth and it looks fabulous! I enjoyed the "tour." Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures and commentary! Thanks!

Shar said...

You did a great job! I can't believe what a small world this is. My neighbor and I were just talk about you. She knew you many years ago. The Staheli's. When she told me about you, I said that I was sure I followed you. And sure enough. I loved your idea of traveling. Congrats!

Jillily Studio said...

Shar, I it a small world, isn't it! Tell the Shehelis "HI" for me!!

Mary said...

That was a long trip to haul a trailer. I'm not far from that HWY you drove on... Glad you made it home safely. The weather has been so crazy this Spring. I'm so happy to see your input on the booth. They worked the right person!