Friday, March 1, 2013


I have been busy getting some artwork done for some new fabric lines.  I would love to show you, but it takes so long for this whole process that by the time fabric gets here you would be tired of it.

So I will wait.

For that very reason, I have been delaying showing you my next line.  But today I saw the Fed Ex truck in my neighborhood, and sure enough, he brought me some of the strike-offs for

 Fabric won't be in stores until the end of summer, but the salesmen will be showing this line sometime in March (this month!).  So I thought I could show you now, too.  

Just a peek at a few pieces.

This is a crisp, cheery collection in three Jillily color-ways.  Of course, all of these can be mixed up together in lots of ways.  And there are several pieces missing.

There is a red group that looks just stunning with greens and black accents.  The yellow and orange are so fresh and remind me of summer.  (I can't wait.  It was snowing again this morning.)  That orange "garden words" print in the corner is just so bright and fun.  I love the red lettering on it!

 Don't you just love that damask print!  Since I am a bit computer challenged--I draw all my pieces by hand and then to make the patterns, I repeat the design by hand, measuring to get them in the right place!


I know.  I really should learn to put them on the computer so I can quickly manipulate them, but that would take time and brain power.  Neither of which I have much of right now.  (It's actually one of my goals this year, but I haven't started yet.  There are 10 months left, right?)

The pink group is sweet and charming.  Of course the black makes all of the pieces pop.  I love having that zig-zag pattern in so many colors.  I can't wait to use it.

I have been working on this line for a long time and it is so great to finally see it.

Remember, the fabric won't be in shops until August but you could plan now for when it comes out!  I have several designs just waiting for fabric!


Jan Marie said...

I think I love every piece of this line. the hard part will be deciding which ones to go for. Good luck and I can't wait to see the patterns you have planned for it.

Debbie M said...

Love it! Every piece is beautiful....can't wait to get my hands on it!

carolann said...

Beautiful! I really love that zigzag fabric! Will be on the lookout for this line. Thanks for sharing!

Rosa said...

Gorgeous,remainds me the sunny days.Can´t wait to play with some of it.

PamKittyMorning said...

So cheerful I love it! congrats!

JEllen said...

It looks great Jill. A perfect August delivery!

Maxine said...

Now that makes me happy..They are so bright can't wait for this line to come out...It cloudy today here in St George so the line made me happy. Really would love to see the path on how you start with a drawing and end up with it on fabric...

Julie C. said...

Oh I must make room in my stash for some of this beautiful fabric! I love it and I'm sure I will find the perfect project for it.