Monday, February 20, 2012

HGTV Dream Home #2

Here are a few more pictures of the HGTV Dream House.   Love those little cubes under the table for additional seating when needed.  (Since I often need additional seating.)  This was in the great room.

 On the main floor was the prettiest bedroom.  I just love this one--very sweet and calming-- all done in soft blue and white.
 Those curtains are soooo darling.  Love the stripe.  And the throw pillows!

Down the hall I found this light fixture in the laundry room.  I am having similar fixtures hung over my kitchen island in my new house.  I like their mix of styles: how they are shiny and contemporary and old and industrial at the same time--and what a great shape.  I hope they will look good in my kitchen.

In the game room there's a pair of chairs with some nail-head trim.  Love that.  I think I might drape a couple of quilts over the back of the chairs, though... just a thought.

 Under the stairs is always a good spot for a little play area.  They painted theirs with stripes and outfitted it with sleeping bags and a TV for movies.  We had a couple of cute little play houses in our Alpine house.  I plan to do it again.
 Near the back door is a reminder of where this home is.... We are really up in the mountains, and snow-shoeing will be the perfect winter activity.  (Actually, I've been snow shoeing, and it is a LOT OF WORK.  Not easy to do.  Of course, that was in the olden days before these fancy new lightweight snow shoes were developed.)  I like the more toasty winter activities such as sitting by a fire...

 Well, that's the end of the tour.  Here's one last look at the outside of the Dream Home.  Interesting that they chose to use blue as an accent color.  Matches the scenery.
Next time, we'll talk quilts.

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Quiltingranny said...

I think I would love the table and ottomans especially in my grands bedrooms. Thanks for sharing!