Tuesday, April 3, 2012


It's about time I get back to blogging.  It has been a little challenging because I have stored most of my sewing studio, waiting for the new house to be finished.  I have very limited space in the rental we are in, so I have been hoping we would not be here too long.

The house is coming along--I will share a few design elements with you.  One thing I am most pleased about is the red windows.  I love red.  And I love windows.  So I thought I should just combine them.

When we first ordered them, I think the builder was a little concerned.  (But trust me, this is going to be great design at work here!)  I was so anxious waiting for the windows to come.  Then one day we went by the job site, and what did we find stacked up in the garage?

Yep, there they are.   The outside frames are red, but on the inside they are white.  I could hardly wait to see them installed.

Today when I went by, (this is a daily occurrence--as if seeing it every day would make it go faster) they were adding the  exterior siding.  NOW the windows really POP!  They look just like I imagined them!
 The black sections will be covered with rock.  I haven't seen it since I picked it out months ago, so I really hope it will look OK.

 Here's the back of the house.  All those windows look out on a great view of the valley and mountains.

 A close-up of my red windows in the dining room.   I'm sorry, I am obsessed with the windows.  Let's get on to quilting!
 This weekend was our annual family quilt retreat.  It was the 15th year of Family Pieces.

We arrived at the cabin with a suburban FULL of quilting stuff.  
 My sister Judy had even decorated her car with orphan blocks!  She had intended to cover the whole car, but I guess she had less orphans than she thought. 

Our theme this year was musical--"Give Piece A Chance."  We were each given a record with all the music tracks from the whole retreat.  It was fabulous!  (Thanks to the St. George limb of our family tree who were in charge this year.) 

Note:  For those of you who were born after 1970, audio tracks are embedded in the grooves of the large black vinyl disk to be played back later on a device called a phonograph.  This enables the user to HEAR the music.
 We even had a lip-sync performance from every group of quilters from each family or area.  Complete with over-the-top costumes!  It was a hilarious night and a great break from the sewing machines.  I will share more of the retreat with you later this week. 
Well, have a great day and "give piece a chance!"


Jen said...

Oh my gosh! I love your red windows! Can't wait to see more!

Sandy D said...

I too love your windows and lots of them. So many people when building a house cut corners here and are usually too small .They look great.Keep showing us the progress.

Ric Rac and Polka Dots said...

Oh you made me laugh with your explanation of a record. You silly girl! I think the retreat sounds wonderful. So do those big windows overlooking the wonderful view belong in the quilt/sewing room? I hope so!!! I didn't have a view so I made one, but would have loved windows looking out!
Can't wait to see more. I guess I need to go back to see what I missed so far!! Have a wonderful Easter. And I LOVE the windows!

Beth said...

The retreat sounds like a great time.
I love your red windows. They look just awesome! Wish I had thought of it when we replaced ours. Oh, I forgot, I would not have been brave enough to try it. ;)

suz said...

I love your red windows, but I love the explanation of the record even more - too funny.