Monday, September 26, 2011

Wedding Pics

I promised to show the pictures of my daughter's wedding several months ago.  We just got the photo disc yesterday, so here are a few.  I thought you might enjoy seeing the fun details we fashioned to make the reception so beautiful.
Here's my family at the temple after the ceremony.  Randy and I are on the front row with the bride and groom, Talia and Riley.  Two of my grandsons, Isaac and Landon are in front of me.  Ben and Katie with their brandnew baby, Gabriel are next to Randy.  Behind them are Sarah and Tim, holding baby Eli.  Jesse and Caitie are next to them with Erin and Seth and little Emmy.  JoJo peeks out over Erin and Schuyler is on the top row behind Eli.

 This shot conveys the mood of the day!  There's a look at the back of Talia's dress.  We had it made just for her.  She wanted silk dupion with pleats and pockets, covered buttons and a big collar-- and so that's what she got. 
 After the ceremony, we went to the reception up in the mountains at Sundance.  What a beautiful place!  And the wedding just made it better.
 Talia has her hand in her custom made pocket.
I had some window and floor decals made with the couple's monogram which personalized the event.

The floor decal was applied to the concrete dance floor.  It peeled right off easily after we were done.

We had white linens on the round tables and gathered a length of pink tulle around the back of each chair.

The table decorations were quite a project.  Talia and I hunted around at second-hand and antique shops for windows.  Then we had to clean them up, sand off the old paint, and repainted them.  I shouldn't say "we" because Talia and Riley did most of the work.  They painted a coat of rosy red first, then a coat of light pink.  Then we sanded away some of the pink so the red would show through and give it an aged look.  We mounted photos from their engagement and bridal pics in various panes on each window, and added the monograms on the back of the glass.  Then we added brackets so they would stand up on the tables.

I have a collection of large glass apothecary jars that we added for some sparkle and we arranged some beautiful flowers in glass vases for each table.  (I was a wedding florist in a past life.)

The food was wonderful. And it was beautiful, too.  I had little signs made for each item and we placed one square window on the buffet table with the monogram.

 The guests arrived and signed the book,

then moved outside to go through the line.  Everyone seemed to have such a good time.

The couple cuts the cake.

It's time to use that dance floor.

As the guests leave, they take a small gift, a reminder and a thank you.  I spent days making strawberry jam and packing it into these cute little jars.  

 The "packaging" really makes these special.
Thanks for letting me share some of this special event with you.  This is really a blog about my quilting life, but sometimes I just have to tell you what is going on around here!   Now you know how I got so behind on my business this summer.  (Well at least one of the reasons.)  
I'm still working on the book--the deadline is just weeks away. 


Cherry Red Quilter said...

Gorgeous Bride and Groom - but oh my what an equally gorgeous array of special touches you all came up with - LOVE em all! What happy memories for you all

Anonymous said...

What a lovely wedding. Love all the photos! Thanks for sharing. =)

JEllen said...

Just beautiful!!! The bride and groom are adorable, all the details, and the fun and love just radiate from the photos. In my former life I created custom wedding gowns, so I especially enjoy seeing them and I love the pocket:) Thank you so much for sharing and best wishes to the newlyweds!!!

Becky~ said...

Lovely lovely wedding.I love the photo which shows the whole area even to the mountain tops.Beautiful bride,she looks gorgeous.

Christine said...

Gorgeous! I loved every detail and bummed I never saw it first hand. It all looks marvelous. You could start another company... wedding planning and decorating!

p.s. I've been wanting to hunt down old window panes myself... now I have a renewed motivation!

Mary said...

Best wishes to the Happy Couple! Thanks for sharing all the pictures of your hard work. It was a Labor of LOVE! Her dress is beautiful.

mamabug said...

The pictures were precious!! What a wonderful and beautiful wedding!! The windows were such an interesting and unique idea. Where did you find the small jars for the jam. I have that in the back of my mind for my daughter's wedding. Thanks for sharing.

Barb said...

Thanks for sharing this with us....I was married in the Salt Lake Temple. What a lovely couple and wonderful reception. I know you are glad to have it over and now get to enjoy the pictures.

Cathie said...

Thanks for sharing Talya's special day with us. What a beautiful and unique reception and something I am sure the newlyweds will cherish forever!

Carrie P. said...

I recognize the doors in the first photo because I got to visit Utah this past spring.
what a lovely day your daughter had for her wedding.
Love all the decorations.
What a sweet favor to share with the guests.

cathy s said...

just beautiful and thank you for sharing this special day

Madame Samm said...

Can we talk about a happily ever after....? well this looks like a great fairy tale come to beautiful. every detail, YOU, flowers, daughter, wedding party, backdrop, windows..well everything my dear...absolutely stunning.

Jan Marie said...

Beautiful, and all the little touches made it so special.