Friday, September 30, 2011

Pepsi or Popsicle?

Don't kids just love finding tiny little spaces they can get into?   

A sewing machine case is not the only thing to "get into."  There's all sorts of things they can "get into when you are busy and distracted trying to write a book.

How about Halloween face paint?  And it's not even October yet.   (I think JoJo helped with this one.)

Like I said, Emmy is not the only distraction around here, but she sure is a cute one!

And then there's me.  I can be a problem for myself sometimes.  I was working late into the night on a quilt, then I folded up the borders and quilt center, laid them on the table and went to bed.  In the morning, I found that something had spilled on them.  Through all the layers--all the borders and the quilt center were damp and stiff and a little discolored.

 And since I was the last one to bed and the first one up, it must have been something I did.

So I had to wash them.  And now they are all laid out to dry. 
 Have you ever had to wash a quilt before it was finished?  Sadly, I don't think this is my first time.  Anyway, I thought the Diet Pepsi was to blame.
But later as I cleaned up the table, I discovered one lone popsicle stick.   
Without a popsicle attached to it.
(They tend to do that when the ambient air temperature is above 32 degrees.)

I do love popsicles.
I'm running out of steam.  Time for a Diet Pepsi.


evelyn said...

Now that is a beautiful distraction!

soren2go said...

I'm thinking the popsicle is the one to blame.

Natalie Clyde said...

All you need....

mug said...

Jill, love the quilt. I had no idea the writing would be sooooo cool!!! Love it. Margaret