Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Trunk Show

Hello there.  Last night I gave a lecture / trunk show at the Utah Quilt Guild's annual meeting.  We had such a good time.  I gave away some door prizes, but there were some people who didn't get entered into the drawings. So I want to give all the attendees another chance to win.  If you were at the lecture, leave a comment on this post and sign up to become a "follower." I will have another prize drawing to give away some more Appli-Glue and Poke-A-Dots.
Here's a little reminder:  Don't forget to play our game of "I SPY."  Keep looking for Sorbet Garden to show up in your local quilt shop.  The first one to see it gets a fat quarter bundle! (Check out the rules on the Sept. 6th post.)

At the trunk show I talked about Jillily Studio and showed all of my quilts, but the best part is always when I talk about our family quilt retreat.  I show lots of quilts we have made over the years doing block exchanges, fabric exchanges and teamwork quilts.  Then I show some of the round robin quilts we have done.  I had about 10 or so to show last night, but here are a few more that I wasn't able to get, so I thought I would show you here. 

 This one is Amy's.  I mentioned it last night.  It started out with just that cute center block in four colors.  Then it was sent off for the others in the group to add a border to it.  Don't you just love how they kept the color blocking in the same places on each border?!  Such a fun quilt!
 This one is Christine's.  Can you imagine sending off that sweet little appliqued center block and getting this whole quilt back?  What a treasure.  My sister in law, Tori just finished quilting this one.  Check it out on her blog.  She has posted some pics of the finished quilt.  (By the way, she does a lot of my long arming, and she is fabulous.  She lives in Arizona, and you could send your quilt tops to her from anywhere and she will quilt them up beautifully.)

 I think this quilt is Jenn's.  I wasn't in that group, so I'm not sure, but WOW!  Look at all that creativity!  Remember, there are no patterns for these quilts.  We just get it in the mail, and start figuring out what we want to add to it.  I love the white daisies on this quilt.  They just pop!

Thanks to everyone who came last night and made it such a fun night for me.  I really appreciate all your comments and inspiration.  I looks like they will be having a great week at the Quilt Fest.  Everyone who came to the trunk show also got a free pattern and a spool of Aurifil thread.  Thanks go out to the nice folks at Aurifil thread.  (I LOVE that thread!!)

I have been asked if I have patterns for the American Dream quilt I showed you a couple of post ago.  Yes, I do have a few copies of that pattern, so if you are interested, email me, and we will get you one.  (

 That's all for now.  Have a great day!


Barb said...

Oh wow...those quilts are just fabulous!

Cheryl Willis said...

great quilts, I love round robins, you have to really love and trust the group to get such lovly results.

queenopearls said...

WOW!! Stunning artwork!! I wish I could have been there. Thank you for the great photos.. absolutely stunning.
Christina in Cleveland

Carrie P. said...

Oh, Wow! what creative quilters. Those round robins are super. I have participated in one before. It is fun and makes you come out of your box.

The Retired Mama said...

What a nice idea to add to a quilt. What a fun project for a group to do,

reddquilter said...

Loved all your quilts at trunk show---especially your family round robins !
Thanks for your generous gifts as well, we loved seeing you at Quilt Fest!

Grannie Smith said...

We enjoyed your trunk show so much. I loved loved loved your quilts.