Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Yikes!  Apparently we have had some of our lines crossed, because we have a few different versions of the "special word" list floating around.  Now those of you who know me are used to a few goof ups, but for the rest of you, you'll just have to get used to it!
So don't worry about it---We will accept  all versions of the word list that you post.  There are  2-3 word discrepancies, but the rest should be the same.
There is a word list on my last post, one on Miss Rosie's Quilt blog, and the one you get from each site is also a little different.  ANY of these word lists is acceptable!  SO SORRY--welcome to real life!

Oh, and I forgot to give you the link to the Project Cover, that you will want to print out!  Here you go.

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Marcia said...

Thank you for the comment re: the word list differences. I sent emails so hopefully all will be OK.

I was already following your blog and wanted to say that I enjoyed the HG designer holiday project parade. It was nice to see the projects, inspiration photos, and work of the designers. You are so squared away and organized.
Happy Holidays!