Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Today is the last day of the Holiday Project Parade.  Hope you have been inspired and had some fun.

There are just two more designers to visit and then you need to enter the Grand Prize contest.  First, visit the Buggy Barn girls, Janet Nesbitt and Pam Soliday. I'm sure they will have some great ideas, they always do!

 Next go to the Henry Glass blog to hear from Kim Diehl.  She has written some great books and I know you will love her designs.

And now,  (drumroll) I have a special surprise for you.  It's just a little help in winning this GRAND PRIZE.  
About a bazillion yards of fabric with some notions and books, etc!!
You know how you were supposed to collect all the 'special words' from each designer's post?  Well I know that you have visited with all the designers and read all the posts, but you may have lost your list.  (This is speaking from experience)  Sooooo  (another drumroll) there's a little "reminder" of all the words you need in this special song I wrote for you.  (They are even in the right order, and that did present some poetic problems, but I accepted the challenge.)  
Please do not be bothered by my blatant promotion of Jillily Studio products.  I just couldn't resist when it actually rhymed.  After all, this is MY blog!

A Quilt-y Christmas
To be sung (in private) to the tune of "White Christmas"

I'm dreaming of a quilt-y Christmas
For you and all the quilting friends you know.
Where the CHRISTMAS TREE is glowing
With Ott Lights showing
The stipling on the STOCKINGS that you sewed.

I'm thinking that the quilting ANGELS
Could make a MERRY Christmas just for you.
If up at the NORTH POLE
RUDOLF and SANTA pack full
The sleigh with fabrics and some Appli-Glue.

You won't need CANDY CANES and HOLLY
If all your PRESENTS have a theme.
HO HO HO, it will be swell,
If all your gifts fit well
Into my "stock your quilt shelves" scheme.

From France, you get the word NOEL
And Bohin Needles--they're so fine.
I BELIEVE some needle threaders
and fabric--Elizabeth's Letters
Along with other Henry Glass designs.

I love to hear the CHRISTMAS CAROLS 
As background music when I sew.
When I'm putting on a binding
I won't even be minding
The points and seams that don't match in that row.

Here's wishing you a quilted TREE SKIRT
And POINSETTIAS fixed with applique 
On the quilt named Daisy Dot
(Poinsettias it's really not)
From Jillily Studio, hooray!

I'm dreaming of a quilt-y Christmas
With every WREATH the wind has blown
May your thread always be a full cone.....
And may all your Christmas' be sewn!

Now you can copy all the 'special words' and write a comment on the Grand Prize post at Henry Glass.
(Once you get to the Henry Glass site, you will need to click on the BLOG button.)  All you need in your comment is the words and your full name, so we can notify the right person!
Good Luck!  I hope one of my followers wins!


TheaM said...

love your 'poetree' - this blog hop has been so much fun!

Mary said...

Thanks for the HINTS! I had them all but I'll be sure and spell them all right now!

Rafael's Mum said...

I have been singing along! That must have taken you some time to come up with! Great!

Stormy Days said...

I'm really glad you made that poem, I had different words for two of the posts.

robin said...

I could only find 16 words - and the "GRAND PRIZE GIVEAWAY POST" to comment with the words on doesn't seem to be up yet. ?? There are 4 words in the poems I haven't been able to find anywhere.

Annie said...

It was very fun to visit all of the WAY cute sites! And the poem - o, sooo cute too! But, (it's my fault because i am such a BEEFUDDLED brain!) i was actually kinda confused as to how to win. That's ok. It isn't the destination but the journey - right? =+) hugZ

Linda said...

Very, Very cute! Totally enjoyed your poem and the blog hop.