Sunday, December 26, 2010

I Have Notion...a NEW ONE!

I had a wonderful Christmas, and I hope you did too!  We have all been gathered around together eating and playing, and eating, and visiting, and eating, etc.  We missed one of our daughters and her cute family, but everyone else was here, so we have had a houseful of fun.  I love to have all the family here.  When they go to their own homes, we are so lonely, even though there are still 5 of us here.  Weird. 
I guess I am just used to a lot of people.

I need to get back to quilting on Monday.  There are orders to fill and still some work to do before the end of the year.  I have been working really hard on the Poke-A-Dots.  You will love these little dots.  They are great.  They are still in production, so I don't have a final photo of the finished product, but I will soon. 

What is a POKE-A-DOT?!?!
  • They are little sticky thimbles that you place on your fingertip.  Place them anywhere you need them so you don't get poked!

  • Everyone needs a POKE-A-DOT when hand sewing--stitching on that binding, or sewing on a button,  hand applique and embroidery, etc, etc.  They push the needle through.

  • They stick in place until you take them off.
  • You can re-stick them several times, then just throw them away and start a new one. 
  • They come in fun colors.
  • They come with 18  DOTS packaged in a cute little round tin.  (Great to put your needles and thread in there, too!)

  • They have a cute design on the top to give texture so your needle won't slip.  (I think you may recognize the design.)

  • They are made in the USA of durable polyurethane.
  • They not only protect your finger, but they are "grippy" so they help you to pull your needle through the tough spots.
I can't sew without a POKE-A-DOT on my finger.  I am addicted.  I think you will be too-- soon.

I sure got a lot of orders at Market for these little wonders, so they will start showing up in quilt shops very soon.  Remember, the photos above are of prototypes only because I don't have any final products in my studio yet.  I am getting the new labels this week, so they will soon be packaged up and off to a shop near you.  As soon as I get the final products I will show you what to look for. 


gill said...

These sound a great idea!! Are they coming to the UK???

Mary's Cottage Quilts said...

Very cool Jill!!! You are always up to somethin' Who is selling them in SLC?

Kathy said...

Wow! These sound really cool and something I could use! Be sure to let us know when they are ready!

jabeybaby said...

What a great idea! I have never liked thimbles, always wished for something less bulky. Will definitely buy these when they come out!

Mommarock said...

How VERY COOL! I hope they go to stores like Hobby Lobby, and JoAnns cuz that is all we have here.. I can't stand to have a full thimble on my finger.. Lord knows I have tried and tried.. right now I am making a Hexagon quilt, by hand, and my poor lil finger shows it. I have a callouse on my finger with a little hole in the center from the needle.. but I can't stop stitching, so I just keep on going. These would be WONDERFUL, to save the stichers sore spot!

Kathleen said...

I've used something very similar to these, but they are hard to find any more. It will be nice to have something more readily available. Good luck with them!

Christine said...

I'm so excited about this notion! I could totally use this for binding and appliqué. My fingertip always gets so tender from pushing the needle through.

Mama Pea said...

Neat. And if nothing else, the cute packaging will sell them! :-)

Marion said...

These look great, chemo left me with neuropathy in my hands, can't keep the thimble on without scotch tape so these look like a great idea. thanks

Annie said...

Poke-dots! what an AWEsome-mohnie idea!!

Tori said...

I absolutely adore this idea!! I didn't know you were making these. Way to go Jill!!!

I am Just One Mom said...

love this idea. portable. adaptable. pure function plus design. yum.