Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Looks cold, doesn't it?  The wind around here is so strong that it has blown away a lot of the snow.    These mountains always look so silent when they are covered with snow.  It is a good day to stay in my sewing room.

 Early Sunday morning when I drove my honey to the airport, the temperature was 1.  We have dipped below zero a few times this year, but I have blissfully been inside a nice warm house, so that's OK.  I think we are going to see some warming this week, anyway.  We will be up in the high twenties!

OK, on to the good stuff.  Sewing and fabric and such.
This is my good example of what not to do.  I didn't really like the fabric I had chosen to put in those places, but I thought,
"It will be fine. When I get it all together, I will like it better."

But, alas, not so.  It was really bugging me, so before I got any farther, I had to rip it out.  Now that is going to be fun to replace!  Twenty little pieces, less than an inch.  WHY didn't I listen to my heart when I first made the little blocks?  Or even when I was cutting out that fabric?  I had a feeling that it wouldn't work.

I have a little wall hanging that I made years ago.  It has one piece of fabric in it that I do NOT like.  I didn't like it when I pieced it, but everyone said it was "needed in the quilt."  Now every time I see it, my eye goes right to the piece I didn't like.  I have thought about ripping it out now (too hard) or appliqueing over it, (too much work), or painting/dying it (ridiculous), but I guess it will stay forever.  A reminder to DO WHAT YOU LIKE!

So much for reminders. . . I did it again.


Barb said...

I don't know why we do that...that little voice that speaks to you and you don't listen....but I am sure...I hope I can learn to listen, would save me alot of trouble.

Love your greens.

Mama Pea said...

I hate it when that happens. It's really frustrating and makes it easy for the project to be relegated to the UFO pile, huh? Sometimes, if I have enough fabric, I just ditch the block and start over rather than replace the pieces.

Lynn W, aka Alamosa Quilter said...

I had a similar experience this weekend with quilting a project. I started doing a specific design in an area but just wasn't feeling it. After doing a whole bobbin worth of quilting, I decided I hated it and spent the next 2.5 hours ripping it all out. I'm so glad I did because it looks so much better with plan B quilting.

Dolores said...

If the piece is such an eyesore, applique something you do like over it. You will like the whole quilt then.

I am Just One Mom said...

on the UP side: you now have little windows in which you can test your explorations before any stitching is done.
As to ripping out so you can insert the new pieces. I think I have a solution. Yeah!