Friday, May 14, 2010


Today I got a package in the mail.

It was specially packaged in an insulated refrigerated box.

I did not recognize the return address.

Did I order something and forget? no.

Was it my birthday? no.

Any guesses?

How about a box of chocolates? I opened the box to find the most beautiful little chocolates I have ever seen! They are perfectly formed, painted, and SHINY. And, of course, they were yummy. I know because I sat down and ate every one of them. I had them for lunch. Well, actually, I did share them.
Because they were "artisanal chocolates" I needed to taste each one, so we got a knife and carved each one into 4 tiny pieces. Then we had a "Chocolate Tasting". (My husband and my daughter should count themselves lucky that they happened to be at home when the box arrived!)

Oh, I forgot to tell you who sent them. Kansas City Star, my publisher sent them to celebrate the release of my book. (They were probably immensely relieved that it actually got done.)

Quilting and food go well together.


Rae Ann said...

Oh... Jill... I agree! I just got your book in the mail today and sat right down and ate a cookie or two while I read it. Then I immediately got on my blog and started blabbering all about it. I SO LOVE IT!!! Thanks for inspiring me to get it the other night at quilt guild when we talked, because I now have a lot of beautiful things to dream about making! I also love the ideas you shared about getting things ready for retreats. The orange rolls are also on my list of to do's!
Rae Ann

Sue said...

What a 'sweet' gift! That was very nice of your publisher:)

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

How wonderful. They sent you a lovely treat! What a great company to be associated with. Lovely.

McKelle, Trustin and Ezekiel said...

Just a laugh: When I read this I read "insulated REFRIGERATOR box" and then you went on to say it was filled with chocolates and that you and only two other people ate all of them. Whoa! I had to reread the first part and it makes so much more sense. Although I don't think I would say no to a refrigerator's worth of chocolate. Anyways, I love your blog, and I love the book!

Jillily Studio said...

I believe you know me too well. (To even have imagined that could be possible.) One can only dream!