Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Cotton vs. Wool Batting

Last week, I took out a few of my quilts to take some photos, and there were creases where they had been folded. This usually happens when I open a quilt that has been folded for a while, but I usually use wool batting for most of my quilts, which means the creases fall out quickly. With this one quilt I'd unfolded, the crease wouldn't come out! Then I remembered that it was a rare occurrence where my quilter used cotton batting.

Cotton batting will hold a crease longer than a wool batting will, because the wool has more spring to it so it bounces back. I much prefer the wool to the cotton because I think quilts drape nicer with wool and it shows off quilting much better. It's also pretty breathable! It is more expensive than cotton, but for me it's worth it to not get hard creases in my quilts every time I unfold them.

It can be hard to see in a photo,  but see that crease right through the middle flowers?

Watch my little tutorial on cotton vs. wool batting:


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