Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Choosing Fabric

When I'm choosing fabric for a new quilt, I like to try a bunch of different fabrics next to each other to see if they work together. Instead of only using fabrics from one line, I like to grab different fabrics in varying shades of the same color to add dimension. It also helps use up fabric I already have in my scrap bin!
I use dark and light colors within the same color family (example: yellow-greens instead of blue-greens) to give my quilts a bit of a scrappy look. If all of your fabrics that are too much alike, it seems like there isn't any reason to change fabrics.
If you want to add in a darker (or lighter) fabric than the main prints you're using, make sure you pick a few of those pieces so that that particular shade doesn't stand out.

The main thing to do when choosing fabrics is putting them all together to see how they look together. With some practice, it'll soon become second nature!  Good luck choosing your fabrics for your next quilt!


Helen L said...

It was good to see how you do your fabric selection Jill. That is something I struggle with, so it's good to see how someone who has a designer's eye does it. Have a wonderful Christmas!! You are looking well and happy: hope your health is good! Hugs, your friend in Calif!!

Rosa said...

Thanks for sharing your tips.

Have a great Merry Christmas!!