Friday, July 8, 2016

Featured on The Quilt Show!

Get your subscription to the online quilt video database, The Quilt Show to watch me demonstrate Applique The Jillily Way, my bias tape technique, a mini trunk show, and stitching tips!

                                       My show will post 
on July 17th, 2016, but as one of my customers, you will be able to watch the episode for FREE from July 24-31, 2016. Just click on the button on the left!


Mary said...

Cool, I will tune in when it goes live. I'm a TQS subscriber. Thanks for the heads up!

Helen L said...

How wonderful!!! I'll be sure to watch that episode. :-) I'm sure you did wonderful on the taping. :-) Hugs, H in Healdsburg

Helen L said...

I got to see your presentation on the Quilt show this weekend: you did a wonderful job! I really enjoyed the things you taught and just loved watching the whole thing!! It was fun to see someone whose talent I've admired getting the recognition she deserves! :-) Hugs, H

Karen in Breezy Point said...

I just watched the show--great tips! I've only ever doubled my freezer paper, so I can't wait to try four layers. I'm going to be on the look out for the bias tape makers! Thanks for the link to the show!