Friday, September 18, 2015

The Mystery of the Paper Quilts

How's the Blog Hop going for you? Are you getting inspired?  I certainly am!  There are so many fun projects, and all so different from the same fabric bundle.  I hope you have entered to win.  You can put a comment on my last post to enter for my prizes, and also for the big Jaftex prizes.

I have been starting to realize that I better hurry up if I want to be ready for Market and Festival!! Why is it that it always just sneaks up on me?  In the summer it seems so far away. . . .

Time to finish up a few projects so I can get some patterns written.  (As you know, my favorite part.)

 This one needs a name.  I am open to suggestions--I was thinking "It's Tarling." (yah.  Say it fast.)  Or It's Darling, or Starling--oh never mind.  I can't figure that out.

I am still stitching on this one, because I ran out of fabric, set it aside, and now I found more and I'm finally back to it.    I want to get this one finished and written before Festival.

I also have to admit that I did a really stupid thing.  (Not the first time.)  I went to Spring Market in May to present my new fabric (Bicycles and Blooms) for release to sales.

I did a Schoolhouse presentation on it, and made all these beautiful quilts--using paper (since I didn't have fabric yet).  It was a great way to show off the collection and they were a LOT of work.
Dana Brooks and I shared a Schoolhouse session--we rocked it!


Then I just left them there, and I guess they were thrown away.

I didn't think I would need them again.

But here comes Market again, and I won't have any fabric until December.  So I really should have saved those paper quilts!  Now I have nothing to display in my booth.  I have a few small strike-offs of the prints that I can make into small projects, but nothing that will really display the fabric.  WHAT WAS I THINKING????

not.  I guess.

So.  I will have to dream up something.  There was a really cute basket quilt and a table runner and a large lap quilt.  sigh.

If you see any Bicycles and Blooms paper quilts hanging around, let me know.


Pat Gottshalk said...

Sorry about your paper quilts. Any chance of using pictures from the schoolhouse program in a BIG size?

Jacqueline said...

Ouch.... sorry to hear about the paper quilts. The fabric lines are stunning.

Tina said...

oooohhhh! Your quilt top is just beautiful - your quilts are always so happy and cheerful, I just love them. I'm sorry to hear about your paper quilts but I know you will pull something out of your quilting hat (you're so talented!!!)

Brenda said...

Oh how dreadful about your paper quilts; it is amazing how often I have made something and think I will not do it again or use it and then all of the sudden I am looking all over for it. Your quilts are spectacular! Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful creative day!

Beth said...

Oh, that's crushing. But I wonder if someone took photos...and if those could be enlarged and put on canvas, perhaps? Maybe ask around, put out a question on Twitter and Instagram, or Facebook. I don't do Instagram or Facebook, but there are a lot of photo-smart folks there, snapping away, ready to share.

Darly Dulion said...

We love you. We understand. Don't fret. Think and stay in the box this market, we get it. The "Darling Starz" quilt is fabulous dahling. Can't wait to see it at Market next month, purchase pattern, make it and teach classes in Asheville. Hugz, Darly who went through what you are going through while running my quilt shop in Los Angeles county and came out on the other side like you will :D

Helen L said...

Your Star-ling (how would that be for a name?) quilt is just gorgeous!!! I love your clean, fresh colors, and your applique is always just perfect. Not too much and not too little! I hope something surfaces to help you out of your paper-less mess!! That was alot of work to have it just be out of paper: they look fantastic in the photos!! Good luck, and hugs, from Helen

Mary Burns said...

Your quilt is gorgeous!

Rosa said...

wow,it`s absolutely awesome!!

Cathy J said...

that is tarling, darling and starling!! SOOOO beautiful