Thursday, June 26, 2014

Here and There

Well, I have been hopping about the country doing all things quilting.  I recently returned from Texas where I was a guest at the Quilt Guild of Greater Houston.  We had a great time together, and I was able to give away a bunch of good stuff-- compliments of Henry Glass, Aurifil Threads, and Jillily Studio, of course.  I taught a workshop and gave a trunk show.  Those of you who took the class need to be sure to send me your "I'm Finished" photos.  (And remember, there are several stages of doneness.)

Here is the Houston Guild.  Oh, whoops.  I deleted it.

I had a pic of the whole group the night I spoke--about 150? or so members.   The next day our class worked on "Trellis."    Soooo many fun color and fabric choices--I can't wait to show you.  As usual, I didn't get many pics, but here is the whole group together.

They worked so hard getting all those half-square triangles created, and then there wasn't much time for putting it all together because we had to stop and learn how to do the appliqué!!
Now they have all the tools they need to finish up.

Leaving Houston I found these awesome boots.  Now who could resist these?!?   Stay tuned, because I think I feel a booth theme coming on. . .

That reminds me.  I don't think I ever shared my post-Market Post.  I'll do that next.  Better late than never.

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