Monday, February 24, 2014

Beautiful Colorado

I visited a guild in Colorado Springs last week called  Piecing Partners.  They are a wonderful bunch!  The guild meeting was very well organized and they have all kinds of stuff going on, with different committees working all the time.  I was very impressed!  Our meeting started with a light brunch that the quilters provided, and then I gave my trunk show.  There were so many quilters there!! Looked like about 200.  I had a wonderful time sharing some of my quilting adventures with them.  They were all so kind and welcomed me warmly.

After the trunk show,  I was whisked away to teach a half-day workshop.  We had a full class of talented quilters all working on the Overture quilt from my book, "Home Sweet Quilt."

I think these are going to be beautiful quilts--so if you were there, please share a picture of your project when you get done!  On the original quilt I used wool for the appliqué, but in this class I also taught cotton appliqué, so I am anxious to see the finished projects!

That evening, my hostess Vinda, (a wonderful gal that I really enjoyed getting to know)  took me on a quick driving tour of the area.  We drove through the Garden of the Gods, and up a canyon to a cute little town with fun shops and cafes.   It was just beautiful.  I love seeing new things, don't you?

Then it was back to my hotel to get everything ready for the next class.  The next morning I taught a full-day workshop on Berry Patch, which is also in my book.  I taught how to use bias tape to make lettering, and we really had a fun time doing it.  It really is simple!!

Both classes learned my appliqué method and some piecing tips as well.  One of my students took the class to learn the lettering--but she was using it on a different project.  I just have to share it with you.  Jeanne was making a quilt for her son's track coach, and wanted to put his name on it.  I think it will also have the high school name on the bottom section when she is done.  Didn't she do a wonderful job?  I love it!

I wish I had taken more photos of our event--but I was just so busy with all my new quilting friends.  I want to say THANKS to all the quilters in Piecing Partners for a wonderful time!  I so enjoyed being with your and sharing some quilting fun!!


KaHolly said...

What a beautiful place to visit!! The projects look like lots of fun. You are a genius! I'll have to check out your book.

Deb said...

I bought your book a few months ago but haven't started that fruit quilt yet - the one in the picture you posted. In fact, that quilt was the reason for my purchase. I just love the idea of different fruits around the border. I wish I could have been in your class and learned your tips and methods! Enjoyed your post.