Friday, November 16, 2012

Step Back, She Has a Fan!

Today is another day on the Very Merry Holiday Party.  Today's designers are:

Jana Nielson   and   Delphine Cubitt  (for Friday -- Saturday's designers are at the end of this post)

They have some fun stories and ideas for you so hop on over.  We are almost done, only one more day to go, so make sure you check out the Henry Glass blog and enter to win the Grand Prize there.
I finally found my iPad, so there are a few more Market photos to show you.  Here are some behind the scenes shots.
Here we are trying to get everything into our rented Suburban.  Good thing we only had two of us, or we wouldn't fit!  Now we have to haul all of that into the Convention Center.  Too bad those Home Depot guys don't rent out.
This isn't a very flattering photo of me, but I thought you should know about this important discovery.  It is a lot of work...setting up a booth...and it is humid in Houston.  What a girl really needs is a FAN.  Well, I found one!  I bet you didn't know that was why I brought my drill in my suitcase.  It seems that motors need to be cooled, too.

 After working really hard and getting all sweaty, right in the middle of set-up they schedule Schoolhouse sessions.  This makes it hard for the presenters to look, well, presentable.  But I planned ahead.  I just whipped off my Cougar T-shirt, and had a cute pink T underneath--add a jacket and Voila!  (As Karen Junquet, my art designer said, "You clean up real good!")
 At Schoolhouse, I saw one of my favorite quilters, Sarah. She came to my class with her mom. She won my book!  She wouldn't leave until I signed it for her.  I was happy to do that for her.  What a doll she is!  Sarah is an inspiration, and I just love reading her blog--you should check it out. 

One of the days at Market we had a QNNtv shoot at the Aurifil booth to showcase the new Aurifil Thread collections.  Here I am with Michele Scott, Bari Palles Ackerman, Marianne Byrne-Goarin, and Jodie Davis. 

I had no idea that they actually wanted me to speak about my collection until Jody put that microphone in my face.  Unrehearsed is best, right???

Here, Alex Veronelli gets in the shot.  There are all the new collections.  Aren't they great?  I love Aurifil thread, don't youAsk your local quilt shop to carry my collections!
  Well, that's enough embarrassment for today.  I hope that when you think of me in the future, you will picture me with my drill in hand and my hair blowing back--just like in the movies.  (not.)
Happy Weekend!
Oh, and tomorrow, Saturday, the last day of the HG Very Merry Holiday Party, visit some of my favorite designers:


Rae Ann said...

I love all of your Market posts. You look fabulous BTW!

Barb N said...

I'm not sure if the Fan in your title is Sara or the actual fan that cooled you off, lol! Either way, sounds like you had a great time. (Love Aurifil, btw.)

Gmama Jane said...

WOW, one day I'm going to Quilt Market!!
I need the Holiday Lane Pattern for the Holiday Lane Blog Hop with Sew We Quilt and QuiltnQueen, Pauline!! Of course I'm a day late and a dollar short in making my pillow...oh well what's new?? I've been house remodeling and I can't find ANYTHING!!! Help!!
Gmama Jane
Yuck I can't read word ID letters very well. I'll try cuz I need that pattern. Let's try a second time...

Jill Finley said...

Gmama Jane--Can't you download it from my website? If not, send me an email and I will email it to you.

Robbie said...

How fun to see Sarah's face on your blog!

My granddaughter, Piper, also has Down syndrome and Sarah is a young woman we have followed for some time.

I can't wait to teach Piper to quilt, but she is only 3. For now we just play with fabric- color, patterns, and textures. Someday, I hope she'll want to use my long arm, too!

Thank you for encouraging Sarah.

Piper's nana, Robbie Marie
Piper's blog: