Sunday, August 19, 2012

Budding Artists

I have been doing some artwork for another fabric collection.  Apparently it is genetic. 

 The first sign I had of trouble was a flower pot in the bathroom sink with a green paint brush in it.  What?! Where did this come from?  Jordan has been up to something again. (although he has never painted before--usually his mischief involves a screwdriver and small screws or a Christmas tree.  I had no reason to suspect that he might try painting something.  I guess he's progressing, learning new things!)

I headed to the garage.  That is his hangout, but traditionally he removes the sprinkler control box or "cleans" out the car.  What did I find, but this lovely color randomly added to each wall of the garage. 
 I promptly moved the garbage cans in front of it, so you can't notice it quite as much.
It's hard not to notice that color.

Jordan spent the rest of the afternoon on the sofa, watching "Prancer" and complaining of a hurt knee. (In lieu of the time-out spot.)

 So I went back in to my studio to see what the littles are up to. (Aren't they darling!) 
I had given them crayons and some scratch papers--with discarded sketches to color on.  Probably not my best idea.  Because I was just finishing up on the final design when I went to solve the green paint problem. 

How were they supposed to know the difference between a sketch and the finished design??? Fortunately, the motif that was blessed with extra color was on the bottom row, and so I just cut it off.  Now it is in a package on its way to New York, and all is well. 

I can hear the vacuum.  Jordan is downstairs vacuuming something.  I better go check.

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Sarah Tucker said...

I love Eli and Emmy in this pic! Eli is always making a serious face and Emmy is always dancing around being the cutest little girl! I didn't know they colored on the wrong flowers! ooops