Thursday, August 9, 2012

"Beyond" and Graduation

There was a delivery at my front door yesterday.  I didn't expect it this early, or maybe time is flying by and I didn't notice.  (It is already AUGUST!)  But anyway, my sample cuts of new fabric are here:

Welcome to  "BEYOND THE GATE!"

To me the real fabrics are always so much prettier than I imagined them.  I have been working with papers and strike offs and then there is the real thing.  It's the best.  Now I have to get sewing on the new projects I have in mind for this line.

I will show you the new things as I get working on them.  I can't wait.
Tomorrow I am going very early down to BYU to attend graduation for my daughter, Talia.  I am so very proud of her.  (Proud enough to sit through a University graduation, and that is saying something!)
 I remember when she first got accepted to BYU.  She was soooo excited.

 She has always been a good helper for me in my Jillily Studio booths.  If you have seen me at a show, chances are, you have met Talia.  She's a good quilter, too.
 She went with me to New York to visit the folks at Henry Glass and ride around Central Park.  You also probably remember her beautiful wedding that I blogged about.  Well, that's all of memory lane I have time for tonight.  I just wanted to give a special SHOUT OUT to my daughter.

Tali, you're the best!  It's a joy to be your Mom!  Happy Graduation!!!


Barbara Sindlinger said...

Beautiful fabrics. Congrats. Can't wait to see them in real life.

Dorian said...

Another beautiful line! And congrats to your dd.

Peg said...

Congrats Mom - You had quite a hand in her success as well!

Mary said...

Congrats to you as MOM of a BYU Grad. I call it a PAYDAY when one of my Children does good! Enjoy the time you have with her. Love the new fabrics, have fun designing for Market!