Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow and the Lucky One

Just now I got this message in my email box:

The We are happy to announce the grand prize winner of our Big Give-a-way!
Erica from Sweet Grass,  MT.   
To quote her she said "Oh my gosh!!!  I
am bouncing in my chair!!!"
We thank you all for playing our little word game, and wish all of you
the Happiest of Holiday's!!
A giant thank you to all of our designers that worked so hard to make
this Blog Hop a success!!

Henry Glass & Co.

That's exciting.  I will get my prize off to her tomorrow!  
I have a few pictures of the much requested room of snow flakes.  (Sorry, Minnesota, you are probably sick of snow.)  I hung them in my music room--it's just off the living room and the ceilings aren't vaulted, making it a little easier.  One house we lived in had high vaulted ceilings everywhere, so we hung the snowflakes in the main hallway.  It was still beautiful.

 I put up three small trees in here.  They are decorated very simply with just lights and silver jingle bells, and a few light green balls.  Some silver leaves here and there and shiny green ribbon finish it off.  Very simple.

This is a pretty small room, so it isn't hard to cover the ceiling with flakes.  But if you have a large room, you could try doing just around the border of the room, or maybe just above the Christmas tree, etc.

It really looks nice at night with the candles and twinkly lights, but my photo didn't work, so you have to see it in the day.  
The snowflakes don't just hang there still.  They turn slowly around with the air movement of people walking around, and heat off the candles, fireplace and the furnace.  Of course, pictures are never as good as the real thing.  But you get the idea.

Have you made any of the projects from the Holiday Project Parade?  I'd love to hear about it.


Sue said...

Congratulations to the winner! How lucky and wonderful:)

Those snowflakes are awesome!! I love that look:)

Nicole said...

Thank you for the wonderful idea. We are LOVING our snowflakes floating above our dining room table. It is definitely going to be a tradition every year!

Christie said...

Your snowflakes are beautiful! HUGS... and stitches

VermontMom said...

I just made dozens of snow flakes to hang from a ceiling for a church event. One of the people attending liked them so much they collected them for an upcoming wedding reception. How do you hang them? We kept having snow fall!