Thursday, November 4, 2010

Speaker of the House

Today is Clean-Up-and-Put-Away-Day.  Did you get the memo?  Well I didn't need a memo to know what day it is.  I came home from Market with tons of stuff that is all disorganized and packed in varying suitcases.   No matter how much we plan, when we get to the airport, items have to be shifted and changed to make every bag weigh exactly 50 pounds.  And that includes clothing, underwear, and makeup along with the fabrics, patterns, and all the Market samples we managed to collect.  What a mess.  Then when I got home, my JoJo thoughtfullly brought it all in and dropped it right by the front door.

To top it off, it was Halloween while I was gone, so my house was host to a large, apparently spooky party that required all the furniture to be moved and everything down to the lighting to be changed.  When my husband got home from work last night, I asked him to put away the speakers.  (We have had various bands in this family and always have enormous speakers to use for just such an occasion.)  The current house speakers... (I named the left one "Nancy" and the right one "John")... are right in my dinning room hooked up to the computer.

(If you are a news junky like me, you will understand my House Speakers.  If not, you might just think it is cute that I named them.)
 So it is time to go find my sewing room and try to get a little bit organized.  (Unlikely.)

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Jacquelynne said...

I feel your pain- I feel like I can't get anything done in my studio until I get my house in order and my boxes unpacked- a tall order...