Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lack of Camera

Well, I made it home.  But I can say that I am very tired.  That is a lot of fun, and so much so that it borders on overload.  I don't have too many pics this time, because my camera broke, but here are a few.  I had some great helpers, as usual.

Here are my nieces Maika and Amy and my sister Susan.  (I have to insert here that my family has been so supportive for so many years, and they have really added to the success of my business.  I can't thank them enough.)
Next, some shots of the whole Market.  You can only see about half of it in these booths, because I was too lazy to walk all the way down to the other end to take another photo! These show rows 100 to about 1100.  It went up to about row 2500!
 My booth was on row 400, right there behind the large blue support pillar.  Good photo, huh!
 Here's the right side of my booth.  I had bead board walls with cute shelves and quilt hangers.
 Check out that cute floor!  And all of that gorgeous fabric!
 Now the left side wall...You can't tell here, but my lampshade is covered with Elizabeth's letters to match the fabric organizer boxes on the table.  (I will have a free tutorial on these when things settle down.  Ha!  Or not.)
The Henry Glass booth was hoppin' with buyers choosing fabrics.  (I hope they chose that cute yellow and red line in the middle.)

They also were selling Elizabeth's Letters, but I don't have a photo of that.  I know that the lines were selling well because I had so many requests for sample quilts.  One distributor asked to take the "Letter's"  quilt to Australia.  So it is off to be down under.  (I know I have readers in Australia, so I will find out where it is going to be so you can see it.)  A bunch more are going with another distributor to Florida.  Not quite so exotic, but exciting nevertheless.  I know one of the stops is the SEW WORTH  IT shop, but there are several other stops as well.
Well, that's really all the pics I have.  Lame, I know.  Next time I will believe it when I think my camera might be broken.  (I thought it was, but I also thought it just might fix itself.  No such luck.)


Amy said...

Thanks for letting me go! It was a blast... as always :)

Talia said...

The booth was SO cute. You should do the checkered floor every time...And I loved the lamp. The extra light really does help. Wish I could have been there!

wrenqwilts said...

It looks like you had a great time and I am glad your lines sold well. Thanks for letting me be a little part of your experience

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

So so cute. Your quilts are so darling. I'm very excited for you. I have heard both good and bad from market. I have heard it wasn't good this time. true/not?

Jillily Studio said...

Well, Market was slow, as it has been the last several times. But I think it was better than last time, and we did really well anyway.