Thursday, October 7, 2010

At the Zermatt

Here I am all week at the Zermatt resort in Midway, UT.  It is the annual meeting of the Utah state quilt guild.  I have a booth in the vendor mall, along with a lot of other great companies.  There was a little trouble setting up because there wasn't enough room for all the booths. To the rescue came Don and Luann, who own the Winline Batting company.
 They graciously invited me to SHARE THEIR BOOTH SPACE!  Can you believe it?!! Now that is some hospitality!  We have had a great time vending together.  You will have to check out their wonderful bamboo batting.  It is soooooo soft. 

Here's my half of the booth.  You've probably seen all these quilts before, but look at that new fabric!  I was busy all day visiting with all the quilters and demonstrating.  I even worked on my new quilt. (One of the many that need to be done before Market.)

Next you will see my friend Janet of Quick Points Rulers in her booth.  Hey!  Look at that cute sailboat quilt behind her.  Isn't that a new Jillily design?  OF COURSE!  (I just got it back from the quilter, and it is soooo cute!)  Pattern will be available in 2 weeks. 
 And there's our booth neighbors, the gals from Cornwagon.  They have been having a grand time because I can hear them laughing all day!! I heard that Marsha was busy selling invisible thread, and that is not easy! 

 The show goes for two more days, so if you live nearby, come and visit.  They have a wonderful quilt show hung in the center of the vendor area that is really worth the time to wander through.  Maybe I can get some pictures from there tomorrow.

OH--REMEMBER TO SIGN IN AS A "FOLLOWER" SO YOU CAN WIN FABRIC!  (See the post dated Oct. 1 below.)


Sinta Renee said...

You really jazzed up that booth! I love seeing all your quilts hanging there by those sweet humongus clothespins! I just got my copy of your blook and I am just loving it! P.S. your new fabric is fantastic!

Sarah Tucker said...

That quilt you are working on for market is great! I wish I was with you this week sounds like fun! I am hoping my local store will go to market this year and pick up you new fabric line!