Monday, September 13, 2010


"The occurrence of events by chance in a happy or
beneficial way."

I would say this quilt was indeed the result of a stroke of serendipity:

*First I asked American Patchwork if I could do a project for them for early next year.
*They happened to have an opening.
*I got my strikeoffs from Elizabeth's Letters about 3 months earlier than expected.
*The quilt I designed used just a little fabric from each pattern.
*We had to make a few color adjustments, so I had a second batch of strike-offs, resulting in just enough of the one pattern I needed more of.
*I had recently purchased just enough of a nice fabric that caught my eye-- I used it for background.
*I didn't have enough of any of my greens to do all the vines, so I went looking, and found this great little green stripe in just the right color.
*There was even some available at the distributor so I could order enough for kits.
*I got the quilt done just in time to send it to my sister-in-law, Tori (That's So Quilt!) to long arm it.
*She got it done and back to me in 3 days, including shipping.
*I sent it off to APQ today for it's photo shoot tomorrow!!!

Don't you agree?


Laurie said...

OH Jill! What a beautiful, beautiful quilt! It's wonderful how it all just fell into place - divine intervention maybe?!! Great work - amazing!!

Sherri said...

I absolutely love this...can't wait to make it...

Tori said...

We are awesome!!!

Tori said...

We are awesome, Jill!!

The Little Red Hen Quilts... said...

Another masterpiece, can't wait to see it up close and personal. I am really excited about the fabric too. Your awesome!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Wow, fast turnaround. I love it. Good for you!!!!

Sinta Renee said...

Your quilt and your style are as sweet as can be! I love your newest design and can't wait to see it in print!