Friday, July 23, 2010


We just got the links fixed on my website ( to the quilt skits! (Browse the site, and click on the videos button, or click on the link below.)
aside: if you click on the video button on the flash page, you go right to an applique demo, so BROWSE the SITE first.

To update you, my family does this retreat every year, and for some reason my children like to make fun of us and our obsession with quilting. So they make a little video spoof for our enjoyment. I have a few of these posted on my website VIDEOS page. They are very silly and usually put together in the last few hours before we leave for retreat, so there is no practice involved. (usually quite obvious) But, as they say, "That's what makes them so charming."
aside: Do THEY actually say that?

If you need a laugh, check it out! Which one is your favorite?
Personallly I like Jurassic Park (Quilter's Park).

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Cathie said...

Jill, Thanks for sharing these. Your family is a hoot! My favorite is the Princess Bride with the QOUSes and the quiltsand.

Shannon said...

I LOVE THEM!! Tell them they did a great job. It did make me laugh.

SteffiD said...

OH my gosh your family is a hoot! I loved the thriller video :) The Jurassic Park spoof was fantastic as well.