Saturday, April 17, 2010


I promised to show you some of the quilts from our Family Pieces trunk show. So start the show!! We are all here ready to view the creations of the last year. The finale of the trunk show is when we show the Round Robbin quilts which have been worked on in secret all year, and no one has seen the finished quilts yet. The person who started the quilt by making the center block will get her quilt back now after it has been added to by 5 other quilters. Here is April's starting block, and then, check out the finished quilt.....AMAZING!

This is Tori's. She is our resident WONDERFUL long-armer, so she left a nice spot in the middle to do some fabulous quilting. The borders will just set it off perfectly. I can't wait to see it quilted!

Next is Christines. Wow, look at that applique! I bet she didn't dream that her little block would come back all dressed up like that!

Amy's quilt uses a lot of 30's prints. This one will have some great quilting on it as well. It looks like a fresh summer breeze!

Maika's quilt is a masterpiece! I still can't believe we can do this! Making all those borders fit is not an easy task. And the fabric choices are wonderful.

Jenn's quilt is so fun. Those appliqued daisies are chenille! Look how important that white is with the rich browns and tans. Good choices, ladies!

It is awesome to see these quilts every year. Each time I am amazed at the creativity of design, color and texture that are displayed. You know, we don't use a pattern or send any designs with the quilt as it travels on. Every 6 weeks or so another quilt comes in the mail for us to work on. We haven't seen it before it arrives. Then we go to work adding our own border and pushing it on to completion. I think that this activity really pushes the quilters to be better. When we started doing this, I didn't tell the mostly novice quilters in the group that this would be hard--just that they could do it, and so they DID. Way to go ladies. You are AMAZING!!! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU.


MomBrose said...

That is AMAZING!!!! Gorgeous work!!

creativity amongst chaos said...

This idea of yours is absolutely wonderful~! What a beautiful collection of work. I would gladly take any one of those amazing designs. How special these quilts become. A true treasure for all. Thanks for giving us a peek into your family tradition. Can't wait to get the book! -Cori