Sunday, August 30, 2009


It is back to school time.  Yesterday my college students left to move near campus--classes start tomorrow.  And high school started last week, so the makeup of our household changes a little bit.  I already miss the summer, but I look forward to the structure that school brings.  It shouldn't really matter anymore, since I don't have small children, but there is something about the coming fall that beckons everyone to take note, and get in gear.

We took these family pictures last year as the school year began, on a windy, windy day.  I guess we are jumping for joy as the new year begins.  Actually, I feel like that. As the seasons change, it is like a wake up call--"Time is passing, what are you doing with it?"  Maybe that is one reason I love to live where we have four seasons.  I need a little prompting now and then.  (When we lived in Southern California it was always beautiful, and I was alway shocked when Christmas came around, because I hadn't really noticed that time had passed!)
Happy Fall!

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