Sunday, March 29, 2009

On Being a Fireman

I am a fireman.  At least that is what I do all day.  Put out fires.  I run anxiously from one emergency to another, whether it be a friend in need of quilting advice, or a deadline of some kind, or a family member who forgot something and would you just please take care of it?  Truth is, I function quite well as a fireman.  I probably wouldn’t get anything done without some sort of urgency.  You probably know what I mean.  Most of us have things that need us in order to get done.  I actually thought of this analogy while I was hurrying to get somewhere and noticed that there was a fire on the horizon.  Then reality set in..... Oh… it’s a sunset.  

So while firemen really do save the day, all I am doing is getting through it.  Doing all the necessary things that need to be done.  And it is not that heroic. 

That is why it is refreshing to have one of those rare calm moments to work on something creative. It's great to plan a project, but the best part is getting right to the fun stuff—the FABRIC.  

It starts with the search.  Whether it is in your cupboard or at your local quilt shop, isn’t it fun to gather together all the ingredients for a quilt and just imagine what it will look like?  I love to use a little from my stash and find something new and great to go with it.  It gives the project a bit of a challenge and makes it unique. Usually the problem comes in narrowing it down to your favorite combination, when there are so many possibilities!


flora said...

Just found your blog, (well, I looked for it!) and wanted to congratulate you on being yet again featured in American Patchwork and Quilting. It looks wonderful and so does your web page and blog. My very best wishes for your continued success!

Shannon said...

I am soooo happy for the success you are having! I can't wait to see your fabric line. Loved your quilt in American Patchwork. I subscribed again just so I could see your projects. Give Randy and your kids our best.
Shannon C

Anonymous said...