Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Market Photos, Finally.

Today visit  two more designers on the Henry Glass Very Merry Holiday Party:
Leanne Anderson   and  Beth Logan and Margot Languedoc
I know they will have a great post for you on their blogs!

I finally got my photos off my camera from Market!  So better late than never, here are a few shots of Fall Market 2012.

I had a single booth on a corner for Market.  (For Festival, I expanded to a double.)

Of course I used my signature black and white tiles for flooring as usual.  This year I made a new awning.  I was looking for larger black and white stripes, but I think this worked out OK.  (If you wait until the night before you leave, you have to use whatever you can find!)

 My booth display was rather simple.  I had three quilts from my "Beyond the Gate" fabric collection on one wall with a couple of shelves for fabric bundles:

The other two walls displayed quilts from my book, Home Sweet Quilt:

I had a small table on the corner for demos of Appli-Glue and Poke-A-Dots.

Don't the "Cherry Lemonade" dish towels look good there?

I have some wrought iron ring hangers that we mounted to the walls.  (Bead board paneling makes my booth look so clean and finished--but it is a lot of work getting it in there!)  I love the look of the hangers with the shelves mounted above.  That's one reason I use the paneling.  It makes it so you can hang shelves and curtain rods, etc.

This is my new quilt you saw me working on right before I left.  "Serenity" still needed some stitching done, and it turned out that it was a nice way to show how well my Appli-Glue works to baste your applique down!!  (I planned it that way, right?)

It was very popular at Market and at Festival.

Here's a group of Henry Glass folks at dinner.  (Don't you just love the flash in the mirror.  Sorry.)  How many designers do you know in this picture?  Remember to go to the Henry Glass blog to guess the designers in the old photos.  You could win prizes.  (And you don't have to be right!)  That's my little reminder about the Very Merry Holiday Party going on now.  You can still enter to win my drawing--just comment on My post below...

I did several book signings at Market in various booths.  Here I am at the Martingale booth.  They had me do a short demo and then sign books.  It was lots of fun to meet people and explain some of the techniques used in the book.

I'm just having such a happy time with my iron.  (I think there should be some sort of  a theme song here....)

That's enough for today.  I don't want to completely bore you.  I will show you some more of Market tomorrow, so come back after you visit the HG designers of the day!


Mary Ann said...

Love the photos from market. Your booth looked wonderful. I am enjoying reading your blog.

Anonymous said...

what beautiful projects you design,just lovely.xx