Thursday, November 15, 2012

Festival and More Holiday Party

Another day on the Holiday Party!  Today's designers are:

They always have such great ideas, and by the way, both of them have new little boys!  (And those boys are DARLING, I must say!)

Here are a few more pictures of Market and Festival.  Did you happen to see me at Festival? Let me know if you did, it is good to hear from you again!

Here is my good friend and fellow HG designer, Barbara Jones of QuiltSoup. 

Barbara has a new book out from Martingale, and she did a book signing in the Henry Glass booth.  I took this picture for her so she could see the long line of quilters waiting around the corner to meet her!

 This is the Aurifil booth.  I have a new collection of threads with Aurifil, so I wanted you to see their booth.

There's my thread boxes, right there on the table.  I just love my "Everyday Colors!"

 I wandered over to see Jake at the Generation Q booth, because they were featuring designers on their booth walls.  There I am.  Twice.

Have you looked at the magazine?  It's awesome!

 Across from me was a booth selling antique quilts.  Look at these two beauties!  I put my hand in the photo so you can see how small the pieces are.

The Henry Glass area was always busy.  They were next to me, to that makes it easy to show the customers where to order fabric!

After Market is over, there are two days before Festival starts.  My booth at Festival was a double, so I had to take down one wall and put up more paneling on the back wall.  I kept one little partial wall between the two spaces so there was more display space.  

One section of the booth had a little "bed" in it, with lots of quilts on the walls.  Customers could come pull out the quilts to look at them, but they make more room displayed this way.

The other section of my booth was filled with quilts and a cutting table, and the check-out table.  In this picture, our fabric bolts had not arrived yet, but when they came, we put them in the shelf under the cutting table where the fabric bundles are stacked now.

I was happy with how the booth turned out because it was bright and happy, and you could clearly see what we had.

The patterns for each quilt were on a hook next to the quilt, and the kits were on the small shelves underneath the quilts.  

It was a great show and fun to meet so many of you that I know online, but not in person!

I can't believe I don't have any pictures of my helpers, but I really want to thank them sooooo much for coming and enduring this brutal schedule!  My sister Judy and sister-in-law Tori were there for Festival, and Margaret (another sister) was there for Market.  Thanks ladies, I love you so much!

Don't forget there is still time to enter my drawing in the HG Very Merry Holiday Party.  Just go here and make a comment.  If you haven't been following along, you can still visit the designers and get their free pattern downloads. Enter to win the grand prize at the Henry Glass blog-- Details here.


Farm Quilter said...

Love your booth! Sometimes booths at quilt shows are so crammed with stuff you really can't see everything they have without pawing through everything. Your booth is bright, cheerful and not overwhelming but very welcoming! Wish I could have seen it in of these years!!!

Amy said...

I have a strange question - In the picture of the Quilt Soup booth there is a quilt on the Right that is Pink and has Flowers and Houses. Can you tell me the name of that quilt? Is the pattern in her new book?

PS - I was at My Girlfriend's Quilt Shoppe in Logan when you did your lecture - I was so inspired and am working on organizing a Family Quilting Day :-)

Jill Finley said...

I believe that quilt you are asking about is in Barbara's new book. Check it out!