Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Map

The Open House is just two days away!  I have had a few people call and ask how to get here.  I thought that Google could get you here, but Google seems to think that I live in Park City.  (which I don't) 

So I have prepared a lovely map for you.  Copy or print or download or something so you can find your way to Jillily Studio on Thursday!

Whoops, I am having trouble with my scanner, so for now, here are the written directions.  I will try to post a map as soon as I can find a small child who can help me with this computer. 

Just know, in general, that I live in the South-East corner of Herriman, above Blackridge Pond.  You can find that on Google maps, and it will give you the general area.

From the North, take I-15 and exit at 12300 South.  Go west past Bangerter Highway to SR-85.  Go south on 85 to the end of the road.

From the South, take I-15 and exit at Bangerter Highway.  Go west to 13400 south, Turn left (or west) at 13400 So.  Go to SR-85, turn left or south.  Go to the end of the road.

Now everyone:
Turn right onto Rosecrest and go to the first STOP.
Left on Juniper Crest Drive  (you will be going south, up a hill)
At the top of the hill, watch for Ambermont, on your right.  Take Ambermont, (you are going west, up a hill). Watch for the subdivision sign: LOOKOUT RIDGE, on your left.  There is a statue of an elk there.
Turn left into the subdivision--this is Rolling Brook Dr.
Take the first right--Orchard Spring.  Go to the T.
Turn right on Lookout Ridge Dr.  It will curve around to the left and become Pulley Lane.
Go to the STOP sign, turn left on Bugle Ridge.  Go up the hill to my house on the left.
Yeay!  You made it.  I sounds hard, but don't worry, I will have signs everywhere and you won't be able to get lost.

 But just in case you get a little turned around, call our hot-line 801-234-9884 (my cell phone)  and we will direct you here.

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Modern Lady Designs said...

Jill - this sounds like soooo much fun, but I'm in CA and cannot make it, thanks for sharing - I look forward to photos from the party! Have Fun - Bev