Saturday, September 22, 2012

Trunk Show, Pillow Hop, etc!

Today I drove up to Logan to give my lecture trunk show to a retreat group that a local shop was hosting.  The shop was MY GIRLFRIEND'S QUILT SHOPPE.  They do an awesome job!  I was so excited to learn that they had sold out all their tickets in the first 2 hours!  So then they rented a larger venue and tripled the event size and sold those out in 2 days.  Kris must be a marketing master!  I ended up speaking to 150 excited quilters.  Everyone loves her shop and she keeps it filled with fun fresh ideas.

I was so glad to see such a large audience, and they were all so wonderful!  We had a great time together.  I did forget to take my camera, as usual.  Darn.  I really should have taken some photos to show you the fun day.  Oh well, maybe Kris will post some over on her shop site.  Thanks to all the wonderful ladies in Logan who made this day a success!

Lacking photos of the fun, well-organized day,  I will instead show you the aftermath.  Part of it.  Remember that nice clean studio???

I think I will put all this away tomorrow.   (Scarlett O'Hara moment)

I would love to hear from you if you were at the trunk show today.  Did you go with friends?  What made you decide to come to the retreat?  Did you have a good time?

 I have been sewing away on projects from the new line, Beyond the Gate.  You saw this one last week when it was on my design wall.  I finished up Secret Garden, and thanks to my sister, Margaret, it even has the binding on.  I usually use a small scale or solid-reading fabric for binding, this time I used the large scale print.  I like it!  What do you think, is it weird?

 I promise, this looks much better in person, but it is late, and dark and my phone doesn't take very good pics.  Watch the website for the pattern in the next few weeks, and it will have a better photo.

I am the guest designer over at Madamme Samm's wonderful blog, Sew We Quilt.  We are hosting a free pattern and blog hop in November.  You can read all about it here.

If you are visiting my blog for the first time, be sure to sign up to become a FOLLOWER.  That way you can enter to win all kinds of quilty goodies when I have a drawing, which I do quite often.  I love prizes!  And giving them away is as much fun a getting them!  Plus, you will see all of the happenings here at Jillily Studio.  Welcome!


Carrie P. said...

what a pile of quilts. I do not live close enough to have been at the trunk show.
cute pillow.

Judy B said...

I am afraid I live too far, but wish I could of seen all your beauties! I am a follower of yours and can't wait to see all the pillow ideas from the hop.

tink's mom said...

Sounds like a wonderful event to have stared in.

I'm so looking forward to the blog hop to do that wonderful pillow. Thanks for the opportunity.

Denise Stewardson said...

Jill, your quilts are so inspiring! Thank you for sharing your special family stories with us--what a wonderful day.

Unknown said...

Can't wait until Thursday....I used google map but you street is unfound! Help... Please give directions, I live in Lehi.

Christa Hitchcock said...

Jill...I just LOVE your Secret Garden quilt! Like you, I usually use a solid-reading fabric for the binding, but in this instance, the larger print fits right in. I think I'll have to add that quilt to my to-do list!

CaterKell said...

Thanks for coming up here to Logan. I absolutely lived seeing your quilts and to listen to your ideas. I am really glad that I went to the trunkshow!! It is the best Saturday that I have had in awhile!!!

CaterKell said...

Just wondering if I can get a copy of your rules and how you do your round robins? It really interested me and I wanted to know more about how they work. Thanks!

Sherri said...

oh my gosh, what a beautiful home and beautiful