Friday, June 15, 2012

Magazine History

Because I am going to be on American Patchwork and Quilting Radio, (see previous post) I thought I would post a few pictures of some of my designs that have been featured in their magazine.  APQ was the first magazine that published one of my designs, and they have been so good to me over the years.  I love the editors there and they always try to accomodate my crazy last minute style, and I appreciate that!

The first quilt design I had published was "Cherries Jubilee", I think it was in 2008?  Elizabeth came to my booth and asked if I had anything I could submit to the magazine.  I was prepared.  (Very unusual) I had brought a quilt top I was working on--the applique was not even done, and there were no borders, but they accepted it right there on the spot! I was so lucky!  I went home from Market and finished it up and sent it off to the magazine.  I was so excited when I first saw it in print!  
Cherries Jubilee
This quilt is still one of my favorites, in fact it is on my kitchen table right now. 

 The next quilt APQ featured was called "Summertime Blues."  I think it was in 2009?  At the last minute I changed the design I had submitted to the editors, but they were so nice and worked with me to make this quilt work for that issue. 

Summertime Blues

I wasn't planning to use any applique on this project, but I decided I had to!  Now I am so glad I did.  It kind of 'rounds' everything out, don't you think?  Some beautiful close-ups of Summertime Blues are used as background in the opening pages of that issue of the magazine.

Then I had "Woodland Walk" published in the 2010 American Patchwork and Quilting Calendar.  
It was the April quilt. I think the color is a little off here, maybe your computer will show it better than mine. (All of these quilts look better in person)

Woodland Walk
 The calendar is interesting because the lead times are so long.  By the time I finally got this quilt back from American Patchwork, I had completely forgotten what it looked like, and it was like seeing an old friend again!

 One year in the December issue, I had a stocking design featured.  You can see them in the insert on this cover.  I can't find a better picture right now...

 My most recent design that APQ featured was in April of 2011.

Around the Town was such a fun project to do because it also used my own fabric collection.  I actually used the strike-offs of my Elizabeth's Letters line to make the quilt so that it could be photographed and edited just in time for actual fabric to arrive.  
Around the Town
 It's a good thing, too, because I sold soooo many of those kits!  It doesn't usually work out that way.  Most of the time by the time the magazine comes out, the fabric is all gone.  Actually, I still offer these kits on my website--but I have had to make a few fabric substitutions.

It has been a while since I had a design in APQ,  I guess I better get going on a new design!!!  American Patchwork and Quilting is one of my favorite quilting magazines.  It is the first subscription I ever ordered, and I have never been disappointed!  I hope you are a subscriber, too.


Linda said...

What a wonderful thing to have your designs published in that magazine! They are beautiful, too!I've never tried to have a design published in a magazine, but it sounds very rewarding.

Anonymous said...

It has been my favorite magazine of all times and I have purchased it for about 20 years.
Can't throw any out...
I have had designs featured here in our Australian Magazine but not in the US ones, must be a real buzz.

Flávia e Cristiana said...

Lindas postagens! Adorei!

Barb said...

just amazing...and congrats!

paulette said...

Hey, I recognized ALL of them...why?
Because I loved them all!! Gorgeous!! You sure have a way with design, colours and fabric!!

Lisa said...

Around the town is my favorite! And you have kits. Might have to think somethingup ! The others are all beautiful! So talented!