Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Why I LOVE Aurifil Thread

I have been using Aurifil thread exclusively for years. I use it for piecing and for my applique hand work and I absolutely LOVE it! Aurifil is made in Italy, and is a very high quality cotton thread.

I mainly use the Aurifl 50 wt (orange spool), though they do make other weights, and I love those as well when I'm doing embroidery or other miscellaneous sewing. Aurifil thread is 100 % long staple Egyptian cotton, which makes it very fine, but it is strong because it is dense. Fine thread makes your piecing more accurate because it takes up less room in your seam allowance. More thread also fits on your bobbin. Aurifil thread does not have lint and because it is a 2-ply, low twist thread, it doesn't tangle when you're doing hand work. I stopped having to use thread conditioner when I applique when I switched to Aurifil.

Try it out. I promise you won't be disappointed!

Watch this little video for more information about the reasons I love Aurifil:

I'm a Aurifil Master Designer. For more information on my Aurifil Thread Collections, click below


Barbara Markland said...

Thank you. I didn't know you could it for appliqué. That is the only thread I piece and quilt with. Now I'll also use it when I appliqué

Rosa said...

Congratulations.So great and thanks for the tips.