Saturday, September 5, 2015

A Layout Question For You

Good Morning!!   Did you visit all the bloggers this last week? Did you know that everyday you can enter to win AGAIN on the blog post for that day? So like this week we had Kim Diehl, Pepper Cory, Anjeanette Klinder, and today (Saturday) it is Mark Lipinski's turn to post. The full list is on my post from Sept 1, so you can check there for links directly to each blog.

Isn't this exciting?!  The prizes are great, and it is so fun to see all the projects made by the designers.  Today be sure to visit my friend, Mark @ Mark Lipinski's Blog.  Here is a great pic I took at Spring Market.  I am sure Mark will be delighted with the quality of this photo.  Hey--its all about the photographer--some people have talent, and some (obviously) do not.

(Hey Mark, at least I am sending readers your way!)

I recently went to Dallas to take part in the United Notions Open House.  They are one of my distributors of my patterns, Poke-A-Dots and Appli-Glue.  So I went and did some demos and sales for their customers.  It was so fun to be out in the quilty world again.  I have led a rather sheltered life this past year, and am anxious to get going full steam again.

My travel partner was Janet Platt of Quick Points Rulers.  She is a dear friend, and so much fun to be with.  Here we are with Pat Sloan, who's table was right by mine.  (see what I mean about the photography?)

We had a great time managing the empty Aurifil table between us.  It seems that the east coast had an FAA radar glitch, and some travelers did not make it--including Kim, who was going to man the Aurifil booth.  So it was left up to Pat and I.  

I did some appliqué stitching while demoing in my booth.  This is a bunch of blocks that I have not yet decided what to do with.  I need your help.

 Should I use all of them together to make a bed-size quilt like this?

Or should I just use a few and make a table runner, like this??  (I could make several!)

I know you will have some good suggestions.  Any ideas?

Now get on over to the blog hop and enter to win prizes!


Christine said...

Hi, Jill. I am thankful that you can be out and about again.
I would like to see your blocks as the border element.
Christine from Ontario

Beth said...

Hi Jill! I think I'd use them for table runners. Having them all together in a quilt somehow diminishes their impact, while seeing just a few of them really shows them off. I'm not sure why I feel that way--perhaps you, as a designer, would have an insight there. But that's my first impression, for what it's worth. Thanks for asking!

tink's mom said...

I'm so glad that you are out and about again. That's wonderful news. Regarding your beautiful blocks, I agree with Beth. They have so much more impact set in a simple row.

Helen L said...

So good to see that you are able to get out again! And your hair is growing back: ysy!! :-) I like the idea of a quilt always, but Beth is right; the row (table runner) shows it off better. But maybe the best suggestion is using the blocks for a border and adding pieced blocks in the center: it could be stunning! Take care my friend!! Hugs, H in Healdsburg

Eileen said...

Hi Jill,
This is my first time commenting on your blog. I like them as a quilt-the red ones really pop!

paulette said...

Hi Jill,
You are looking FANTASTIC!! I LOVE the way your vines intertwine around each lose that in the runner. How about a small narrow red border around the four inside blocks and then a wider border around the whole quilt. That has my vote!! :o)))

Kathryn said...

If you did table runners, the would be more projects to give away. Hope you are doing well.

Quilting Tangent said...

Tablerunner, pillows, bag. The quilt top the vine is to overpowering, it needs to be broken up. Quilt maybe with stashing in between blocks.

Sandi said...

I think the best choice is the one that speaks the loudest to you and your gut! It is a lovely block!