Sunday, November 9, 2014

Decisions, Decisions

I am working on a few new projects.  I want to use my new fabric collections, "Park Drive" and "Jams and Jellies."  These two collections got a bit ignored in the timing of things, and it is time to roll out some new patterns.

So here are a few blocks I have made using Jams and Jellies.

I can't decide how to arrange them.  Maybe with a large sashing so I can add some appliqué??

But that is a lot of black..  I would have to have a bunch of appliqué to tone it down a bit.  Maybe too busy?  I do want to do a bunch of appliqué somewhere.  Humm.

How about a straight set?  I would need more blocks, I think.  Hey, an on point set might be fun, too.

And I think I would use my dots in a border somehow.

Since the dots are also in the blocks.

I had several people ask me about the script print I have used in the background of the blocks.  It is one of the basics in my Jams and Jellies, too.  It comes in three colors: green, red and white with black.  This is one of my all time favorite fabrics!  You may remember that I used this fabric several years ago in my "Elizabeth's Letters" collection.

It was in pink, blue and cream.  So I added some colors to bring it back since it was so special.  I so love the story behind it!

The script is actually a copy of a letter written by my Great Grandmother (Elizabeth) to my Grandmother.  It was a farewell letter to her daughters as they left Switzerland to come to America in 1898.   They did not have enough money for the whole family to immigrate, so they sent the girls, age 18, 15 and 13 to come to America and work as cooks.  My Great Grandparents and the sons stayed in Switzerland to work on the farm and try to save enough to join the daughters.  They did not know how long it would be, if ever, when they saw each other again.

The letter is written in Swiss high German, so I can't actually read it, but I do have a translation, and it is very sweet.  I starts out with "My Beloved Daughter,"  and ends with "from your Never-forgetting Mother."

You can't beat that!  What a great story.  By the way, they did all eventually get back together many years later.

It will be a pretty cheerful quilt, don't you think?    I always have a hard time deciding which way to go.  So many options!   Maybe I will use the dots in the sashing. . . . . .

Any ideas?


Sarah said...

Charming!!! I love those bright cute blocks pushed close together. It should be amazing once it's done!

carla.meier said...

I really like the version without the sashing. Does this block have a name?

Debbie Bauer said...

Love it! Perhaps a border with flowers in all colors used in your blocks. Then an outer sashing(border) in the pink dots since it is your center block and this color was only used once!
You are very creative and I am sure whatever you do will be stunning!

KMSC said...

I'm actually happy to hear that a talented, professional quilt designer sometimes has difficulty deciding how to finish a quilt top! That's the hardest part of the design process for me unless I am copying a pattern. I love your bright blocks and the story behind the text print.
PS I liked the version without the sashing.