Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Dancing Around It

Hello quilters!  I hope you are having a great fall.  It has been beautiful weather around here, but time is slipping away quickly toward winter.  I am looking forward to spending some time with my extended family soon and Thanksgiving is always a lot of fun.  (And delicious!)

I am busy getting new patterns written so they will be ready when the fabric comes out.  Twirl  should be in stores in February, so these patterns will be there, too.  Here is "Bows and Toes" in the first version:

I am planning to make a second sample of this quilt once I get the actual fabric.  I had to substitute some fabrics to finish this one because I just didn't have enough on the strike-offs that I had.  So when I get actual fabric, all the fabrics will be from the Twirl line (and the Jams and Jellies--which are the coordinating pieces from my new basics line.)  By the way, isn't the quilting cute??  Thanks, Maika!

This pattern is called Tutu Tuffet.  You can make it using a small round ottoman, or you can purchase a foam base, and I will have all that information in the pattern.  It is just too cute not to make!

I think this ballet line made me a bit obsessed with tutus.  Here is a little ballet bag to carry your shoes and stuff in.  I think I will write up this pattern, too.  But I don't know what to call it.  Any ideas?  It would be nice done in the pinks, too.

And then there were the embroideries.  I just love stitching, so this was so much fun to do, and very quick!  What a darling little detail to add to a special little girl's room!  They would also be cute on a pillow, don't you agree?

Well, we have to wait for all of that until February, so I decided to move on!  I started working on a fun quilt that I can't wait to finish!  I have all the pieces cut--unless I change the size--not sure yet.

They are just sitting there by my Bernina, tempting me every time I walk by.  I would love to have a whole block of time just to sew, but that is not realistic around here, so I have them ready to work on --a block or two as time allows.

And on my design wall, it is starting to come together:

That's one thing I love about quilting.  From all these small insignificant pieces, you can get something quite wonderful.

I am paraphrasing a favorite scripture,
 " small and simple things are great things brought to pass."

Happy Quilting!


Mary said...

I love the Bows and Toes Quilt! So cute in the pastel colors. Thanks for all you share on your Blog.

Tammy said...

What beautiful creations and fabrics

Rosa said...

Fabulous projects.My fav your design wall!

sandra said...

My daughter would have loved the ballet quilt when she was little(she is 46 now and would probably still love it). Me with no girl grand babies and way fabric and quilt gorgeous.

Erica Cooper said...

I just completed the Bows and Toes quilt for my daughter. Where do I get the pattern to make the hand embroidered 2 dancers? I would love to make her a little pillow.