Wednesday, September 11, 2013


It's time again for the Jillily Studio RED WINDOWS OPEN HOUSE!  I am busy getting everything ready.  Mostly trying to finish up a few projects so you will have something new to look at!  Those of you who came last year, please join us again--I am mixing it all up so you won't see all the same quilts. Of course I have new ones, but I will have the old ones out too, since I want to cover the house with quilts!

When?     Thursday, September 19, 2013             Drop by any time between  1 and 7 pm
Where?    Jillily Studio
                15083 Bugle Ridge Drive
                 Herriman, Utah
Who?       You and your quilt-y friends!
Why?       Because it's FUN, FREE. and you might learn something or get inspired!
What?      Demos, Refreshments, Conversation, Inspiration, Fabric, Quilts, Patterns, Kits, etc, etc.

And remember all the fun we had with my guest designers?  I have some really special designers coming to share their talents with you.  They will each have a space to set up some samples and do a demo or just visit with you.  They are all awesome, and I know it will be well worth your time.
The designer line-up includes some of my best friends in the quilt world:

Barbara Jones of QuiltSoup
Barbara is a quilt designer, author and she also designs fabric for Henry Glass.  Her patterns are favorites of the quilting world, and I love her fresh style.  She is a bundle of talent -- I can't wait to see her! 

Janet Platt of QuickPoints Rulers

Janet is a creative dynamo!  She is fun to watch and has so many great ideas.  You will love meeting her and seeing all her fun products.  

Maika Christensen of A Quilted Marvel
(I can't find a picture of Maika, my other computer crashed!)
Maika is my neice and does a lot of my quilting on my projects.  She does not have a long arm machine, but quilts with her home Bernina.  She is AMAZING!  You have to come see her work, it will inspire you.

  and. . . 
 Susan Davis of Aunt Susie's House
Susan is a delight!  I see her at various shows, and she is always so sweet.  You are going to love this, because Susan designs punch needle embroidery as well as quilts, so it will be fun to see some new techniques!  

I will be showing how to applique the Jillily Way, and it will be lots of fun, and informative, too.  I also have prizes to give away!  Aurifil has donated thread to the first 200 guests, and I will have some door prizes, too.  Those of you who don't live close enough to stop by, don't worry, I will post lots of pictures and I will give away some prizes here just for non-Utahns!  Keep checking back.  

I also will have my NEW fabric (it's not here yet, but should be any day!)  You can buy fat quarter bundles, or yardage, or just come look at it and touch it!

And now, I just have to ask, did you come last year? Did you have a good time?  I want to hear about it.  What could I do to make it a better quilt-y experience?  Let me know, there is still a little time to whip it together! Did you find it OK?  How about the hours?  Does that work for you?
I am just full of questions.  But I want to know how to make it wonderful for you.
See you soon!

P.S.  The yard is done!  I'll show you pictures next time.  Stay tuned. . .


Rosa said...

Have fun and enjoy.I wish I could go but I am far.

Mary said...

Darn it- UTAH is just too far away and Hubby has to work all week-end. I could sure use a V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N right about now! Have a great time

Maxine said...

Are you going to do this RED WINDOW OPEN HOUSE every year? I want to come, but not this year. I really want to learn the applique the JILLIY WAY. All I can say is have fun. I will be thinking of you.

Deb said...

It sounds wonderful!!! But VA is definitely waaay too far from UT!

Love the photo of your home with the quilt hanging on the railing. I just purchased your book with that same quilt on the cover and am looking forward to doing the table topper with blueberries, strawberries, etc. But now that I see the cover quilt on your porch, I HAVE to do that one, too!

I received the threads and free pattern that I won on your blog and look forward to them, too. Thank you so much!

Helen L said...

My SIL lives in South JOrdan: now to just talk my DH into going! (We're in Calif) We were supposed to go a few weeks ago when my nephew came home from his mission but my Hubby couldn't get away from work, but things have slowed down now. I really want to come!!!! I'm crossing my fingers!! :-)

Kathleen Gee said...

I came last year and it was a lot of fun. I loved the way you displayed the quilts around your home. The round robin quilts were so amazing and the demonstrations were great...I just wish I had brought some paper to take notes on all the ideas I got! I'll try to remember that for this year!