Saturday, August 10, 2013

Something New

Hi all my quilties!  I want to thank all of you for reading my blog and visiting the Aurifil post.  The RNG has chosen a winner of the thread collection.  Deb from VA, who wrote:

I just subscribed to your blog via Bloglines so I won't miss a post! I don't know why I haven't found your blog in the past! I'd love to enter your giveaway! 
I love your book Home Sweet Quilt and have it on my esp the Raspberry, Blueberry table cover/wall hanging. My favorite thing about your interview over on Auribuzz site was seeing your studio and learning that you have raised 7 children.
I LOVE your quilt!!! I would be very interested in the pattern and kit.

Congrats to Deb.  I will send a box of thread to her.

I am stitching away on the appliqué part of the quilt I have been working on.  We (dear husband and JoJo and I) took a little drive up to Idaho, and I stitched on the way.

One big problem, though . . .

I forgot my Poke-A-Dots!!  I thought I had them in my sewing bag, and just grabbed it.
But alas.
I always seem to have them everywhere, so I looked in my purse, but I had just cleaned it out.  Darn!  Nope, there wasn't one stuck on my watch or wallet, either.

So, I was stuck.


I hardly got any stitching done despite the fact of working at it for 6 hours each way.  But when I don't have DOT on my finger, I am just plain   S  L O W !

Oh well, I am home now, and can stick on a Poke-A-Dot and be done in no time.  Cautious sewing is too slow for me!   Don't you agree?

I know you are probably sick of looking at that quilt I have been working on.  So I want to show you the strike-offs of my new line--I just got them this week.  We have a bit of adjustment to make on some of them, but here is a peek:  (Keep in mind that I don't have very good lighting in my studio at night, so these pics are not the best.)

This is the start of my new Basics line, "Jams and Jellies." I am very excited about this line, because it will always be available for shops to order, and it will go with all my other fabrics.  It is starting out in a few patterns and colors, but each new collection I do, I will add more colors and patterns to this line.   There are dots, houndstooth, a vine print, and a damask.  Wonderful tonal prints to use over and over in so many applications.

To go with the new basics, I designed a small collection called "TWIRL." 

This is a sweet little ballet line with dancers and shoes, and print with lots of ballet terms.  The colors are really off in the photos, but I have used the same pinks, greens, white, grays and black as in the Jams and Jellies.

These lines are in the early stages, but are being shown to shops to order now.  The fabric will not be available in shops until next January or February.  So you have plenty of time to do your planning---What will you make with them???


KaHolly said...

Sick of the quilt you are working on? Seriously? It's just beautiful. I'm waiting for you to write up a pattern and put together kits!! Your new line is sweet. I'll have to give those polka dots a try.

scottylover said...

I love seeing what you are working on! Don't stop sharing, please.

I love the color combo in Jams & Jellies. You have picked all my favorite colors and put them together! Can't wait to see it in person!
Sandy A

paulette said... those dots too...or bandaids, duct tape, painters tape, scotch tape...whatever I can find!! Your's are sew pretty!

Rosa said...

I`ve never tried poke -a-dots .Can´t wait to see your new quilt and your new fabric line is just beautiful.Happy sewing!

Randi Deem said...

I cannot do handwork without my Dots! They are definitely a necessity. I love your fabric lines-new and old.

KaHolly said...

I just stopped back by to tell you that I just finished making your "iCarry" and it is just awesome. I can't wait to make more. Thanks so much for a delightful, fun, and easy pattern!!