Saturday, July 13, 2013


Have you been following along with the Aurifil Block of the Month?  This month's post is up--with Laurie Simpson of the famous duo, Minick and Simpson. You can see it and all the free patterns here. 

I have been getting my block ready, since I am up next month.  I decided to make mine into a quilt, so I have been working on that.  Here is a sneak peak of my design wall. 

Still a lot to do on it, but the blocks are mostly done so I need to get them sewn together.  I added a second, applique block and did an alternate setting.

I'm just stitching the last of the petals.  I did one of them with black thread.  Maybe I should go change that one to blue.  Can you tell which one?  (Don't you just LOVE Aurifil thread?!)  How do you like to stitch?  By hand or machine?  I usually do hand stitching, but once in a while I do machine.  Either way, it's lots of fun!

I have been busy updating around here.  (It's about time.)  We have new pattern covers,

new content on the website, and now we finally have new demo videos, too.   For those of you who have seen me demo at a show or in a workshop, now you can watch a re-fresher course online!

I broke them up into four videos so they are not too long, and you can easily get to the information you need.  I've been trying to upload one to this blog, but with no luck.  If you want to view them, you can go to my website and watch them there.  Sorry about that.  Blogger is having an issue today.

It is a little bit weird to see yourself trying to explain something, so I can't really watch them without cringing.  (I hope I'm not that dorky in person, but in reality, I'm am probably worse!  At least you know you are getting the real me.)  If you have any questions, feel free to ask!  

(While you are on my website, sign up for the newsletter.  We are getting another one ready to go out in a few weeks!) 


Margaret said...

I love the colors you chose for your Aurifil block! (And yes, I, too, love Aurifil thread).

Rosa said...

such a beautiful block.Love your fabrics.Happy sewing!

KaHolly said...

Your block looks awesome! I can't wait untill next month's Aurifil's block!! Love your choice of colors. You are so gifted and talented.

Helen L said...

I just discovered you today!! I've come from the Aurifil blog and am just in love with your wonderful designs!! I realized that I had already pinned to my quilt board the quilt you have on your Auriful thread case. It was on my mental list of "I've got to find this pattern." I also love the quilt you designed with your block for the Aurifil block of the month: will you have that out in a pattern anytime soon? And I can tell by the photo's that you are a fellow mormon: how fun to find you (I love your Utah Heritage quilt too)!! I'll be back to visit you again! Hugs, Helen in Healdsburg