Friday, October 12, 2012


First of all, I have winners to announce from my Open House Contest. These are the winning comments, by random drawing.  (Thank you Random Number Generator.)

Jill said...
What a lovely open house it must have been. I do follow and thanks for sharing the pictures with us.
Sunday, October 7, 2012 12:58:00 PM MDT
DeleteBlogger Diane E W said...Thank you for inviting me to your virtual open house. I really enjoyed myself. Love all of the quilts and the inspiration. I will have to look for your book, too bad it won't be autographed. And those chocolate caramel pretzel thingys, you can put one of those in the mail. Glad your open house was a success.
Monday, October 8, 2012 2:18:00 PM MDT

If you are Jill or Diane EW, email me your address so I can send you a free book!

Next, I have to announce my BLOOK TOUR which starts TOMORROW!  Be sure to follow along--there is a new blog to visit each day, (and sometimes, two).  Each Blogger will be giving away an e-book of Home Sweet Quilt to one lucky winner, and there are more prizes, too. There are fabric packs and thread collections, etc!  I know you will have a good time joining in on the Tour.

Please visit the blogs that are participating because they have been so generous with their time and space to host my little BLOOK TOUR.  Thanks, blog hosts!

Here are the places to go.  Each day you can come back here to see where to go next, or copy the list onto your blog, or just follow the crowd!

Blook Tour    OCT 13 - 21

The Home Sweet Quilt Blook Tour  
            WHEN ?                               WHO ?                                  WHERE ?
·      Sat, Oct 13:                 Aurifil Threads        
·      Sun, Oct. 14:               Linda Lum DeBono 
·      Mon, Oct 15:              Madame Samm         
·      Tues, Oct 16:              PamKittyMorning     
·      Wed, Oct 17:              Amy Ellis                  
       Thur, Oct 18:              Stitch This (Martingale)
·      Fri, Oct 19:               Chitter Chatter Designs
                                 Gigi's Thimble           
·       Sat Oct 20:              Jacquelynne Steves     

      Sun Oct 21:             Henry Glass Fabrics

        So Saturday morning, be sure to make the first stop over at the Aurifil Threads blog.  

    Speaking of Aurifil, I just got my new collections a few days ago, and haven't shown them to you yet.  I am so excited about this!  I just became an Aurifil Master Designer, and I now have two thread collections that I have put together to go with my fabrics.  They are called EVERYDAY COLORS  (because around here, they are!)  and they come with 12 large spools, or 10 small spools.

     You can order these collections on my website (as soon as I can figure out how to add them), or ask at your LQS.   If you are doing any piecing, binding, applique, quilting or stitching with any of these Jillily everyday colors, you could use a thread collection!  Oh, and by the way---it IS the best thread in the world.  Minor detail.

     On the same day that my thread arrived, the UPS man was very busy.  He also dropped off some more fabric bolts, because Beyond the Gate is flying off my shelves,
    and he brought some more boxes of books!   This is my other book, Stitched Together-- I needed more of that one, too.  So if you had ordered this book and were waiting for your copy, I sent them out yesterday.
   OK, that is all for now.  You have a busy week ahead of you.  I can't wait to follow along with you.
  Happy Blook Touring!


Brenda said...

Jill, thank you soooo much for all of the photos of your beautiful house! I do not live too far (Provo), but could not work my schedule to get there and I was so disappointed! I feel like I was there! You are one of my favorite quilt designers/teachers, etc. Your house is gorgeous, thanks again for sharing! Brenda Sommers

Mary said...

I look forward to the Blook tour. Cute term for it. Maybe I'll win a Book, if not I'll get me one through the shop or my LQS.