Thursday, May 3, 2012


It's time to pick a winner of our little drawing.
Heartsease54, you were randomly chosen to be the recipient of a bottle of Appli-Glue and a free pattern.  I want to send it to you, so email me your address! (

This is part of the joy of having your stuff in storage. 

The laundromat.

 It has been a bonus for JoJo, as he LOVES to watch all those machines working.  (I bet he's wondering how he can get behind there and take them all apart.) I love this picture of him.  He is such a sweetie. 

So what do you do while six loads are washing?  Applique of course.   This is why I love to applique the Jillily way. 

When I prep everything first, then glue baste it in place, all I need is the block and a needle and thread.  And of course, a Poke-A-Dot--but I always have one of those stuck on my finger.

I have been working hard to get ready for Market.  I finally bought  my plane tickets and found a hotel.  I hate doing that stuff because it takes so much time and is so BORING.  So I procrastinate.  Getting the booth ready is much more fun, so I will start on that in the next few days.  At least I will think about it.  That way I kind of have an idea in my head about where it is going when I get there.

I better go finish that applique!


Carrie P. said...

congrats to the winner. I do not like going to the laundromat but some things just won't fit a a regular machine. Applique, perfect thing to do while waiting.

Quiltingranny said...

I dislike the laundromat at all costs, but next time I must go, I will take a project with me...thanks for the suggestions!

Madame Samm said...

Wow you certainly have a lot of you do laundry all the time...for your whole family lol...listen love to see what you are working on...always my fav quilt designs...full of color, full of you... To a great showing at market