Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Move #1

I am finally back.  I am sorry to have been gone so long.  I was in such a good habit of posting at least once a week, and some times more often.  Now I have to start over building that habit.  Isn't it interesting how easy it is to get off track!   December was a very busy month with the holidays, as usual, but we also were getting ready to move, and that makes it extra crazy.  We moved the week after Christmas so what a fun holiday!  (sarcasm here)

We went from a large house to a very small house and two storage units.  The trick is deciding what goes where.  Then the next trick is remembering what you decided.  Especially with a business.  I had to basically close down for several weeks, and now I am up and running but with limited resources.

We are doing this because we are building a new home (with a nice new, larger studio for Jillily Studio, YEAY!)  but it is not done, and we had to leave the other house, so we are in temporary digs.

We did not move far, just a few miles, so that tends to make you think it will be easier.  Hum.  False sense of easiness.  (I suffer from this a lot--it is just my eternal optimism!)

Anyway, I am here now, and I have the studio set up in a 9' x 9' room. (Generally things are overflowing out into the hallway, but that's OK.)

Since the move I have done two trunk shows and one big retail show--Road to California.

Both events were wonderful!  I loved meeting all the quilters out there and seeing all your great ideas--and sharing some of mine. 
Today I will show you some pics of my booth in California.
 I had a small booth, and I was the only one there, so I had to go simple.  Just basically cover every surface with quilts and . . .
 Add some product to sell on top.
 I tried to demo AND sell at the same time from this little counter.
 That give new meaning to the word, "Multitasking."

 I have some fun photos to show you from quilter's I met there, so come on back later this week!
It's good to be back!


Mary said...

Handling that booth alone is a lot of work! I don't know how you did it without help. The booth looks so nice - love your quilts!

Barbara Sindlinger said...

It was nice to meet you at Road to California. I have your fat quarter pack that I bought sitting so pretty on my shelf - just waiting for the perfect project. I promise to email you a picture when I finally do it.

soren2go said...

Enjoyed meeting you at R2CA. Moving is never fun and downsizing is worse. But sounds like you'll eventually be up-sizing.

Barb said...

Oh how get a bigger studio...I love love, did I say love your booths.

Grammasheri said...

So glad to see you're back! Sounds weird, I know, but just 2 days ago I was wondering how you were and hoping all was OK. Here I've never even met you but was a bit worried...

Best wishes on the house build. Hope it goes smoothly and FAST!

Welcome back

Patricia Lessell said...

And it's good to have you back. I love all your photos thanks so much for sharing them.

Leslie said...

Of the quilts on my bucket list, all but one are from you. I need to get crackin".

Madame Samm said...

Nice to see you again pretty lady.....ohhhh and moving and building....I sew remembers hose will be sew fulfilled when always