Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 5 -- Jolly Holiday Party

Well, that sure was a fun day, wasn't it!  Now we are on to the next group of HG designers:

Brenda Pinnick is an awesome artist who is also very generous with her talents.  She helped the rest of us with all the photos and files to post so you would know where to go on this blog hop.  Thanks, Brenda!  Hop on over to see her.

Leanne of The Whole Country Caboodle is also posting today, and you for sure won't want to miss her!  She is honestly one of the nicest quilters I know!  And very talented. 
I count myself very blessed to be able to see my designer friends at Market and quilting events.  It makes this business all the more fun.
Have a good day today, we are almost to the end of the week!  (Remember to catch all those secret words!)

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JaneB said...

Thanks for keeping us up on the Party! I'm checking with you every day to find the next designers!:)