Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wool Applique...

Remember all that beautiful wool we dyed with Kool Aid?  Well, we used it on our main project at Quilt Retreat.  My niece April designed the quilt this year.  It is so cute!  We each did a different take on it, but the central block featured some wool applique.  We thought it might be fun this year to have a little time to sit around doing hand work so we could visit.  It was a nice thought.  And some people did actually get to the hand work part, but I did not.  (As usual.)  I am always running a little behind.

Here is my block--I am doing a bit different project with my appliqued block, because it will be one of the patterns in my next book.  I set it on point and did some of the same blocks around it, but a smaller version.  I'm not sure what will come next, but there will be more...  (By the way, I used Appli-Glue to baste my pieces on and it works great!  Cotton or wool, Appli-Glue is the way to baste!) 

Sorry about the blurry!  I must have dropped my camera, it isn't working very well.

 My girls are stitching away at their table.  Erin, (daughter-in-law) got her top all done, Caitie (daughter-in-law) was at her first retreat and got her blocks all done, and almost put together (Amazing) and Katie (daughter-in-law) finished her top as well!  Talia (daughter) is not in this pic because I think she is sitting on the floor, but that is her quilt top draped over her chair in the foreground.  They all did such a great job!
 Some of my nieces, Melissa and Kaitlyn and my sister Susan working at their machines.
Susan is working here on the tote bag.  Besides the main project, we had several small project classes, including the cathedral window pillow that I already showed you and this tote bag.  I actually finished mine there.  I think that is a record. Here is another blurry photo as proof:

It's a perfect  bag for projects, papers, music, etc because it has stiff sides and a few inside pockets.  When I get a better photo I will replace it--sorry about that.
Stay tuned, because tomorrow I will announce the winners of the book/glue/dots drawing, and post some more quilt skits!


Marian said...

I still can't get over all of you sewing together. What a great time! That bag looks nice and sturdy - I like the binding on the outside.

Shannon said...

I agree with Marian. I love the pictures of all of you working and sewing together. Looks like so much fun.